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Beauty Treatments

Eyelid Surgery

  • Bags Under Eyes Removal Surgery

    Puffy eyes is a sign of aging, formed by the accumulation of fat tissue under the eyelids, making face become heavy and sad, and older. Therefore, Bags Under Eyes Removal Surgery is the fastest solution to give you youthful eyes which are full of vitality. In addition, this method also help remove excess fat in the fastest way which others cannot.

  • Excess Eyelid Skin Removal

    The eyes are considered as the window into the soul and the most attractive mark on the face of each person. Over time, the aging process makes the eyes become not sharp anymore. Furthermore, sagging skin in the eyelid, bags around the eyelids become thicker, making women look older and tired, lack of vitality. Therefore, Excess Eyelid Skin Removal is the perfect solution to help you hold fresh contours for the eyes.

  • Eyelid Ptosis Correction Surgery

    Eyelid Ptosis is ptosis of upper eyelid which is lower than normal position, affecting vision and the aesthetic of the eyes, creating sad feeling and tiredness for the face. With Eyelid Ptosis Correction method by Korean technology in Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital , help you completely overcome the condition of eyelid ptosis and make your eyes become big, round, improve vision, giving you beautiful and youthful eyes.

  • Canthoplasty

    Canthus Extension Surgery is considered as the best solution to enhance narrow canthus, and also help your eyes become big, round and natural beautiful. This is the latest Korean technique which is genly and quickly done in Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital. In addition, it is aslo very popular today for the eyes like actresses.

  • Double Eyelid Surgery by Korean Technology

    Everyone wants to own the natural beauty with double eyelids.In the past, the technology has not developed yet. Single Eyelid has been a quite big problem for ladies who could not achieve the desired result. Nowadays, when the Korean technology of Double Eyelid surgery appears, it becomes the best technique for creating double eyelids.

  • Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty

    Single eyelid is considered as a common characteristic of Asian people, and this is also a quite big defect of the eye. Big round eyes with double eyelid is becoming a new trend of young people. Therefore, Eyelid Blepharoplasty of Korean technique has become the best choice for ladies who have single eyelids, helping them own big round eyes with double eyelids just after 15 minutes.

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