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Beauty Treatments

Nha Khoa

Dental implant to restore chewing function

Dental implant is a solution to restore missing teeth including strong porcelain crowns and root. This will bring to you chewing function and the beauty as natural teeth.

why ?

you should choose dental implant to restore loss teeth

With the advantages of new implant technology, it has overcome all the disadvantaged of previous approaches:

1 Integrate bone quickly with less invasiveness

In dental implant, our dentists place implant screw directly into the jawbone without having to slpit gums. Therefore, this is less invasive and painless for customers. Cylindrical implants are made of high-quality titanium so they are completely benign, non-irritating to the tissues and gums and absolutely safe.

2 Chewing function and tooth sensitivity as real tooth

After titanium cylindrical is implanted, it will be fixed by the jawbone which will grow around. Therefore, your teeth will be strong and durable. Your new teeth which will have completely natural shape and color will help you feel the food like real teeth.

3 Less time

Dental implant will help shorten the duration of treatment to be less than the traditional methods. Porcelain is produced at Labo - Dental Department of Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital in just a few hours. This will reduce the number of follow-up for customers in the process of treatment.

4 10 years warranty for new teeth

Titanium and ceramic crowns to ensure the stability of the implants over time, therefore, new teehth are not only natural but also very strong.

Who? should apply Implant ?

1Lost 1 or 2 

2Lost 3 or 4


Dental implant

in ngoc phu aesthetic hospital

1 Consultation and examination

Our dentists will give you examination and and consultation for each specific case of teeth, then give the appropriate method for the new teeth as you desired.

2 Take an X-ray for jaw bone

We will take an panoramic dental X-ray and check the entire structure of jaw bones on image to know the exact size needed for implants. Then we calculates the length, size, diameter for cylindrical implant to fit bone structure of the lost teeth.

3 Oral cavity hygiene and local anesthesia

Our dentists will clean bacteria from oral cavity before this minor surgery. After that, you will be under local anesthesia so this process is unfeeling and painless.

4 Implant and install temporary teeth

Cylindrical implant will be directly placed into the jawbone with accurate measuraments which rely on previous x-ray film. Thanks to a special cutting head of dental implant drill, the dentists do not need to split gums. Operation time is just over 20 minutes per tooth.
After placing cylindrical implants, doctors will immediately extend the root and sample to make porcelain teeth. While waiting for the stability of cylindrical implant and making porcelain teeth, you will be given temporary dentures.

5Placing porcelain teeth

Three weeks after placing cylindrical implants, porcelain teeth will be placed in the root and that is the end.

Nguồn: Bệnh Viện Thẩm Mỹ Ngọc Phú

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