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Beauty Treatments

Nha Khoa


Filling is one of the forms which restore the shape of the teeth. This method also prevents infection of viruses which affect tooth enamel. In addition, it helps restore normal function of chipped or decay teeth ... by dental material.

why ?

you should apply filling  ?

Fillings is a solution not only for functional recovery but also makes you more beautiful. Today dental filling materials are diverse and increasingly optimized in color to give your teeth real color as natural teeth.

If you're suffering chipped or decay teeth ... filling is the fastest and simpliest. Many people choose it today because of these reasons:

1Prevent tooth decay effectively

If you don't treat decay teeth, the decay hole will spread faster.

2 Make your teeth more beautiful

High quality filling materials will bring you sustainable teeth with natural colors like real teeth.

3 Restore your teeth to their original shape and size

After filling, the shape of the teeth will be restored as original. This will give you more confidence whenever you smile.

Who should apply filling?

1Tooth decay : for all small or deep holes whether you already have pulp treatment or do not need.

2 Slightly chipped tooth : Due to accidents or collisions, your teeth are chipped and not like the initial state.

3 Diastema, cervical abrasion : apply filling to avoid foods that may stick to your teeth.

Ngoc phu aesthetic hospital

One of the most reputable place

for beauty enhancement

Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital has more than 30 years of experience in the field of plastic surgery. Our filling technique is directly transferred, ensures the absolute safety, bring the result that satisfies you the most. 

In this technique, we use imported filling material to ensure about the quality and safety. The long-term result maintains without any complications.  

The most reputable doctors in the field of plastic surgery at present will give you the beautiful and natural teeth as you wish.


1 Consultation and examination

2 Put filling material to your teeth

Our doctors will sterilize your teeth before filling. Then they will put the soft material to your teeth to start.

3 Shape filling material

Filling material will be put in and shaped to be as natural teeth.

4 Laser phototherapy

Eventually, our doctors use laser to harden filling material in 40-50 seconds and to maintain strong teeth shape.

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