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Beauty Treatments

Other Surgeries

  • Dimple Creation Surgery

    Dimple Creation at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital to quickly own implicit charm which is lovely and natural beauty whenever you smile. This technique is simply and gently done in just 15 minutes, it will help clients quickly get the desired graceful beauty. When you come to Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital which is always the leader in the trend of aesthetic enhancement by new technologies, anyone can own natural beautiful dimples.

  • Natural Lip Reduction

    While Westerners think thick lips are sensual contours, Easterners are absolutely opposite. Particularly, with Vietnamese women, beautiful lips must be balanced with the mouth and face. Because the characteristic of their lips is dark so large lips will make Asean women lose their soft and light contours. Therefore, Lip Reduction surgery will help you be more confident and successful in communication.

  • Brow Lift Surgery

    Brow Lift by Korean technology helps remove a part of loose skin and excess fat at the brow and make it higher, create beautiful shape in harmony with the face. This method also help erase wrinkles in the corner of the eyes, eyelids, make the eyes bigger, reduces the sad or tired feeling due to too much excess skin. Sutures in brow lift surgery are hidden in the eyebrow. Particularly, this new method also help correct error tattooed eyebrows and other defects of your eyebrows to make them more harmonious with the face.

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