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Beauty Treatments

Nose Surgery

  • Nose Lengthening Surgery

    Slim and high nose will help your face become more elegant and beautiful. However, the common characteristics of Vietnamese people are flat nose and short nose, this affects the beauty of the face. Lengthening nose technique became an excellent choice for short nose cases. This becomes a new trend today.

  • Nose Reshaping by Korean technology

    Nose Reshaping by Korean technology in Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital will help you quickly own a straight and naturally beautiful nose. This is a perfect solution for these cases: dorsal hump, deviation. We ensure to give you the appropriate nose for your face, helping crown the most natural beauty.

  • Nasal Tip Reduction

    The nasal tip is big and rough which makes the nose lose its delicate beauty and softness. This has a huge impact to the beauty of the face so it is a big concern of women. Nose tip reduction is the most effective method to improve the status of big nasal tip and help the nose become more delicate, appropriate with the face.

  • Alar Reduction

    General characteristic of Asian people is snub nose which is disproportionate to the face. Therefore, more and more people are reaching Alar Reduction technique, which is the most effective method to help make the nose become slimmer and appropriate with the face.

  • Sline Rhinoplasty - Beautiful natural high nose

    S-line Rhinoplasty is a solution bringing perfect beauty for your nose shape harmonious with the face. The nose will look beautiful from all angles and maintain forever. You can experience the latest Sline Rhinoplasty technology in 2015 at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, which is painless, with minimal swelling.

  • Korean Rhinoplasty Cartilage Graft

    Today Rhinoplasty by autologous cartilage is one of the most advanced rhinoplasty techniques with many outstanding advantages that the previous methods of rhinoplasty could not have. This method helps radically remedy the situation of red nose or revealing nasal bridge, bringing to you beautiful nose without concerning of any unwanted complications.

  • Korean Rhinoplasty

    Korean Rhinoplasty at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital will bring nice shape to your nose and make it harmonious with your face. In addition, we ensure the absolute safety. Korean Rhinoplasty also help maintain your permanent beauty. Permanent Rhinoplasty is the optimal solution to correct defects of your nose by safe implants. The surgery is done by surgeons with over 25 years of experience, who will give clients satisfaction with beautiful nose.

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