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Beauty Treatments

Nose Surgery

Alar Reduction

General characteristic of Asian people is snub nose which is disproportionate to the face. Therefore, more and more people are reaching Alar Reduction technique, which is the most effective method to help make the nose become slimmer and appropriate with the face.

alar reduction

Why ?

should you choose alar reduction?

What is Alar Reduction Surgery?

Alar Reduction is a method help adjust the alar to be proportionate to the face. Depending on the status of the client's nostrils, your doctor will choose the appropriate method such as:

- Alar Reduction Surgery: this method applies to those cases such as too thick and big alar.
- Surgery of rolling the alar inward: apply for nose with not too big alar but big nostrils, surgeons will remove soft tissue to help reduce alar in 2 side.


1 Slim and natural beautiful Alar:

Alar reduction surgery is done with simple manipulations which only affect alar, minimizing invasiveness. After surgery , your alar become naturally slim.


2 Absolutely safe:

Alar Reduction Surgery in Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is done by a team of experienced surgeons. We transfer technology directly from Korea, helping reduce alar quickly and safely.

3 Maintain result permanently:

Alar Reduction is technique which is simply done but it can maintain permanent result. After the surgery, clients can go home and work normally, not taking much downtime.


4 Painless and no scars:

The nose will be anesthetized before Alar Reduction. In addition, our surgeons with gentle technique will make you feel absolutely painless and with minimal scars.

Who? Are ppropriate with alar reduction

1 Flat nose with big alar

2 Snub nose, wide alar, disproportionate between 2 sides

3 Thick and bulged alar

4 In case of after surgery but the alar is still big

ngoc phu Aesthetic hospital

prestigious address for alar reduction

Alar Reduction is just a simple minor surgery. However, in order to ensure that the results will be the same as clients expected, requiring surgeons have to have a lot of experience, aesthetic eye to help measure accurately and shape the nose in the most natural way. When visiting Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, clients will feel the best quality of the best surgeons in the field of plastic surgery. We ensure to satisfy clients with the best result.

Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is proud to be the first place applying Korean technology in Alar Reduction. We will give you beautiful nose, which is appropriate with your face. With Alar Reduction surgery in Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, we commit to give you beautiful nose as desired.

S-line rhinoplasty process

Alar Reduction is just a simple minor surgery which will be quite quickly done . The average time for an operation is about 30 minutes, including these steps:

1 Examination and consultation:

The surgeon will examine and determine the status of your alar, consult for the method to give you the slimest and the most beautiful alar.


2 Measure and draw:

Surgeon will measure and mark the alar part which need to be reduced. This help the process to be absolutely accurate.

3 Local anesthesia for nasal area

The nose will given a local anesthetic so that when the surgeon operate, clients will feel painless and comfortable.


4 Operating

Depending on the specific circumstances of the client, the surgeon will choose the most appropriate method:
 - If the alar is big and thick, the doctor will reduce its bottom.
 - If the alar has wide follicles, the doctor will roll it inward.

5 Close the incisions

Ending the Alar Reduction process, the surgeon will close the incisions by aesthetic sutures and ensure that there will be minimal scars.




- After Alar Reduction, your nose will be appropriate with your face.
- Ensure the natural beauty without any traces of plastic surgery
- Beautiful nose will maintain permanently



time and cost



(Million VND)




Nguồn: Bệnh Viện Thẩm Mỹ Ngọc Phú

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