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Beauty Treatments

Skin Treatment – Skin Care

  • PRP Treatment

    PRP technology has become a new trend in skin treatments. This brings high effect and can solve most skin issues such as suntan, freckles, , sunburn, pockmark...


    CƠ HỘI KHÔNG THỂ BỎ QUA TRONG THÁNG 7 - HotLine tư vấn: 0909002890 Làm gì khi bị RỤNG TÓC là cả một vấn đề nan giải không chỉ các chị em phụ nữ mà ngay cả “cánh mày râu” cũng rất quan tâm.

  • Facial Skin Care

    Beauty is considered to be one of the best weapon of women, this first shows in the skin on the face. Therefore, basic facial skin care plays a very important role in preserving the beauty for women. To help facial skin always be healthy and bright, white, the therapy of basic facial skin care in Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is considered as the best choice for all skin types.

  • Body Whitening Therapy

    Tắm trắng toàn thân công nghệ Pell Body là liệu pháp được rất nhiều chị em phụ nữ lựa chọn để mang lại vẻ đẹp tự nhiên cho làn da, giúp da trở nên trắng sáng và mịn màng nhanh chóng. Phương pháp tắm trắng bằng sữa non là giải pháp tối ưu để giúp làn da trắng hồng hào, khỏe nhưng vẫn đảm bảo an toàn, chi phí thấp và duy kì kết quả ổn định lâu dài.

  • Melasma Treatment By High Technology of Elight Laser

    Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital has applied technology of Elight Laser which helps treat melasma effectively, gently, quickly and safely. In addition, it helps thoroughly remove melasma, return to women smooth and youthful skin. With technology of Melasma treatment by Elight Laser in Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, this technology is favored by a lot of women today, it will also help you no longer have to worry about melasma.

  • Freckle Removal by Elight Laser

    Elight Laser technology is considered as the most effective and advanced blackhead treatment today. It has been applied in many countries around the world and will bring to cusomers the optimal efficiency. Elight Laser technology help completely remove black head without damaging the skin, pain or adverse effects.

  • Permanent Hair Removal

    Hair Removal technology with New Elight technology at Ngoc Phu Hospital with outstanding features such as effective hair removal, smooth skin, treat folliculitis, safer and no pain or skin irritation ... New Elight hair removal technology is the most modern today, helps women quickly own whiter, smoother and flawless skin.

  • Pitted Acne & Keloids Scars Treatment

    Laser CO2 Fractional technology is a new breakthrough in pitted scars treatment with outstanding advantages like non-surgical, painless, no inside effects and not taking convalestine time. Beside the ability to effectively treat pitted scars, Laser CO2 Fractional technology has the ability to regenerate skin. This technique help you quickly push back the concern about the condition of rough skin and giveyou youthful and smooth skin.

  • Skin Whitening by Vitamin C Therapy

    In order to own white and smooth skin , you need to provide enough vitamin for the body. Particularly, vitamin C is considered as the most importance, it helps protect and recover skin damage very well. However, vitamin C is easy to melt and dissolve in water so the body is easy to lack. In order to correct the condition of the lack of vitamin C for you body and help your skin be smooth, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital has successfully applied vitamin C therapy to brighten the skin, helping treat melasma and freckles effectively for natually beautiful and rosy skin.

  • 3D Skin Whitening Therapy

    3D skin whitening technology is a perfect method to help provide nutritions for skin cells, reduce sebum and tighten pores effectively. Besides, this method also increase collagen and elastin for the skin, help skin become smooth, bright, rosy and youthful. This is a perfect therapy for skin only in Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital.

  • Skin Rejuvenation By Stem Cells

    As women, everyone wants to own bright and smooth skin . However, the inside and outside factors make your skin more and more aging. This process continues and reduces the amount of collagen and elastin of the skin, causing conditions like sagging skin, wrinkles and melasma.... To keep the everlasting beauty of youth for the face, the best method is skin rejuvenation by stem cells, help your skin be tight, smooth and rosy.

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