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Breast Surgery

វះកាត់ពង្រីកសុដន់ដោយឆ្លុះក្នុងមានសុវត្ថិភាពជាមួយនឹង បច្ចេកទេសបង្កើតរង្វះដែលទំនើបថ្មីបំផុតបច្ចុប្បន្ននេះ

បច្ចេកទេសពង្រីកសុដន់មានសុវត្ថិភាពដោយបង្កើតរង្វះគឺជាបច្ចេកទេសថ្មីមួយសម្រាប់អ្នក ណាមាន គុណវិបត្តិនៃដើមទ្រូងដូចជាសុដន់តូច យារធ្លាក់ ទ្រូងមិនស្មើគ្នាជាដើម។ នេះគឺជាវិធីថ្មីមួយទាំងស្រុង ដើម្បីជួយដល់ស្ត្រីទាំងអស់ទទួលបានដើមទ្រូងតឹងណេនក្បំ ទន់ភ្លន់ធម្មជាតិជាមួយនឹងរង្វះដែលទាក់ ទាញចិត្តគេ ជួយស្រ្តីអាចរក្សាភាពស្រស់ស្អាតដ៏ទាក់ទាញអស់មួយជីវិត។


what are new in

Cleavage determinants

in breast augmentation ?

Breast augmentation technique and creating standard cleavage is a method of putting breast implants into breast cavity by gently making a incision combined with modern endoscopic equipments. We ensure the absolute safety for clients and give you natural large shapely breast, especially with the new technique will help create super standard cleavage which will be beautiful, appropriate with the body.

why? cleavage determinants with bREAST AUGMENTATION ARE MOST CHOSEN BY a lot of Ladies today

Method of Breast Augmentation and Creating super standard cleavage is considered as a great selection of women because it helps correct all defects of the breast. This new technique gives you perfect results with 4 elements that previous methods could not provide:

1Fuller breast with seductive cleavage

Most Asian women have modest breast which is not appropriate with the body so it cannot crown the charm of women. With completely new technique of breast augmentation, we will help your breast become fuller and natural soft. Skillful technique of our surgeons helps making the standard cleavage, maintain beautiful breast permanently.

2Safe and painless technique of Endoscopic breast augmentation

The new method of breast augmentation with the maximum support of modern endoscopic equipment which helps our surgeons perform exactly, minimize any invasiveness, absolutely not impact the tissues around, absolutely safe for our clients.

Operating time is short (about 45 minutes) and you will be given a local anesthesia with a sedation during surgery. Therefore, the surrgery will be gently done without pain and downtime.

3Minimal scar

Technique of Endoscopic Breast Augmentation only makes a small incision deeply in the armpit. Then, postoperative scar will fade and go out over time, giving the most appropriate breast for the body with minimal scar.

4Result of nice breast will get long-term stability

Breast implants are directly imported from the US, designed in accordance with the stature of Asian women and granted permanent warranty. These implants will be exactly incised and fixed in the breast cavity so that they will not be shifted, help your breast be balanced, stable and maintain beautiful long-term result. Particularly, endoscopic breast augmentation technique will absolutely not affect the breastfeeding function.

who should apply breast augmentation

1Who want to own more attractive breast size.

2Who have unbalanced breast

3Who are not pregnant or breastfeeding

4Ladies who have good health and whose age from 18 years old and above.


1Examination and consultation

You will be examined and given general health check to ensure the eligibility before breast augmentation surrgery.


Breast augmentation is a major surgery; therefore, it must be performed in plastic surgery hospital. Before the surgery, you will receive an anesthesia so it will be absolutely painless during the procedure.

3Perform endoscopic breast augmentation

Endoscopic breast augmentation is done through a small incision hidden in your armpit, making spaces and put the implants inside the incised breast cavity, then closing incisions by tiny sutures.

4End the procedure

After our surgeon closes the incision by tiny sutures, you will be given a bodyshape tape and end the breast augmentation procedure.

result after breast augmentation

1Beautiful fuller breast as you wish

2Your breast will be natural soft

3Maintain long-term result of beautiful breast

4Warranty of breast implants is forever.




ngoc phu aesthetic enhancement hospital

one of the best places for breast augmentation

Always be trusted and the top choice of all ladies with the desire to own fuller breast, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is a convergence of professional surgeons with over 25 years of experience . When you come to Ngoc Phu Hospital, you will experience the latest technologies with caring service from consultation, examination, procedure, postoperative, enthusiastic and considerate care, ... will help you feel the most satisfaction with fuller breasts as desired.

time and cost

services price time


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