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While Westerners think thick lips are sensual contours, Easterners are absolutely opposite. Particularly, with Vietnamese women, beautiful lips must be balanced with the mouth and face. Because the characteristic of their lips is dark so large lips will make Asean women lose their soft and light contours. Therefore, Lip Reduction surgery will help you be more confident and successful in communication.

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How is called beautiful lips?

Beautiful lips must ensure these factors: neither too thin nor too thick and they have to looks harmonious with the face.The best lip rate is upper lip be thinner than lower lip and be about 2/3 of lower lip area. Lips have light pink color with clear upward vermillion border and heart shape. To own perfect lips as desired, the best method is lip reduction surgery.

Advantages of lip reduction 

1Naturally beautiful lips 

Lip reduction is performed by experienced surgions who will help shape your lips to be harmonious, balanced with the face and mouth, create natural beauty.

2Quickly overcome the defects of your lips

Condition of thick lips will be quickly overcome such as pouty lips, thick lips will be overcome only after 1 surgery.

3Absolutely safe

Lip reduciton is just a minor surgery which is performed in a inferior lip with standard procedures at plastic surgery hospital so we ensure absolute safety for our clients.


4Permanent result of beautiful lips

Lip reduction help remove excess part of inferior lips so after surgery, the result of beautiful lips will maintain permanently after only 1 surgery.


1Who have thick lips

2Who have unbalanced lips

3Apply for both men and women



Lip Shaping Surgery at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital was directly transfered from Korean technology with the most prestigious doctors in the field of plastic surgery to create beautiful lips as client desired, providing the most satisfaction and confidence for clients.
  Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is one of the leaders in the field of plastic surgery with a team of experienced doctors, international standard equipments. These are the key factors that lead to the success for all surgeries. Lip reduction technique follows the latest technologies and its procedure will be meticulously done. This will bring to our clients perfect lips and crown the beauty of their pretty face.


According to experts, lip reduction surgery is the method applied for cases of too thick lips which are not harmonious with the face. At Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, surgeries are performed by a team of experienced surgeons, for perfect results. Procedure includes:

1Surgeons exmamine and consult

2Measure and draw new shape for the lips 


4Perform surgery

Surgeons will remove the part of inferior lips which need to be reduced and excess soft tissue. Then they will suture edges of inferior lips by aesthetic sutures. With case of too thick lips, surgeons may remove a small organization of lip muscle, shape lips to be thin and the most reasonable.



- Lips which are beautiful, soft, natural and harmonious with the face.
- Technique performed in the inferior lip with minimal scars.
- It's safe, minimally invasive and does not damage the surrounding areas.
- The surgery is painless so clients can go home after surgery, help you be more active in work.

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