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After the year-end inspection, the Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital was named by the Department of Health as the first in the rankings of the Best Quality and Safety Hospitals in 2017.

With the motto of ethical aesthetic surgery – Ngoc Phu aesthetic hospital has increasingly attracted the attention of many beauty-followers in all field of aesthetic surgery, cosmetic tattoo, spa – skin treatment and cosmetic dentistry.

In order to gain current achievements, Ngoc Phu Hospital understands the importance of the medical team on the result of a cosmetic surgery. Accordingly, Ngoc Phu focuses on the selection of highly qualified doctor who got advanced training and well schooled, awarded the excellent medals and people's doctors of all homes by the Prime Minister. In particular, South Korean surgeon Lee Jung Hoon has become a brand at Ngoc Phu Hospital, who is appreciated by A-list stars and millions of women to try before you trust.

Ngoc Phu Hospital is also one of the pioneers on the investment of modern facilities and equipments and the application of advanced techniques to help minimizing invasive, no bleeding, with minimal recovery time and ensure absolute safety for all clients. 

In addition, post surgery services at Ngoc Phu Hospital are available 24/24. In the postoperative room, there is a nursing care team, and a dedicated customer care team for clients at home, so as to minimize recovery time, without any serious complications.

Up to now, Ngoc Phu hospital has been ranked first in the list of the most safe and prestigious hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City for 2 consecutive years. Ngoc Phu brand will try the best to become a companion of all customer’s beauty during its business.


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