Service Review - Is Collagen Thread Lift Really As Effective As Rumors?

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Entering the age of 25, customers will see signs of aging begin to appear on the skin. Over time, the skin starts to sag and develop wrinkles and crow's feet. Many women have opted to undergo the Collagen Thread Lift procedure to resolve this issue. What are the advantages of this approach then? Let's evaluate whether Collagen Thread Lifts are actually as effective as the rumors claim with Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital.

review căng da mặt bằng chỉ collagen có thật sự hiệu quả như lời đồn.

What is Thread Lift?

Thread Lift is genuinely a facelift using collagen thread or facial skin implantation. This non-invasive beauty method utilizes biological threads with a multi-dimensional twisted structure that, when inserted into the body, will be attached to the subcutaneous tissue area in order to support and stretch the drooping, loose tissues, remove wrinkles and crow's feet, develop elasticity from the inside out, and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, making the skin appear younger and more radiant.

After a certain period of time, collagen threads will dissolve. Nevertheless, with the adhesion sites under the skin, they will form a fixed support frame for the connection points when implanted into the skin, preventing the skin from sagging or wrinkling.

Review căng da mặt bằng chỉ thực chất là căng da mặt bằng chỉ collagen hay cấy chỉ da mặt, đây là phương pháp làm đẹp không xâm lấn, sử dụng chỉ sinh học có cấu trúc xoắn đa chiều, khi đưa vào cơ thể, chúng sẽ được đính vào vùng mô dưới da nhằm mục đích nâng đỡ, kéo căng các mô bị chảy xệ,

Who are the candidates for Thread Lift?

  • All male and female customers aged 35 years and above who showed mild to moderate aging signs.

  • Customers who do not wish to undergo invasive operations but want to rejuvenate, lift, and remove crow's feet and wrinkles from the face.

  • Customers who work outdoors, causing the skin to sag, age and form wrinkles in the cheeks, corners of the face and forehead.

  • Customers who do not meet the required health requirements to undergo an endoscopic facelift (People with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.).

Căng chỉ collagen là phương pháp phẫu thuật không xâm lấn nên khách hàng yên tâm sẽ không để lại sẹo trên da, không gây tổn thương cho vùng da mặt, không cần nghỉ dưỡng, mà nhanh chóng lấy lại nét xuân vốn có.

The benefits of Thread Lift

Some of the benefits that Collagen Thread Lift brings that customers cannot ignore are:

  • Since Collagen Thread Lift is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, customers may rest assured that there won't be any scars or damage to the facial skin, fast recovery, and quick restoration of the natural youthful features.

  • After the procedure, customers can clearly see the changes. After being injected deep into the skin, body-friendly Collagen bio-threads will quickly develop strong bonds, stretch and fill in sagging and sunken skin areas.

  • Owing to the supply of collagen from deep within, the skin will become smoother, melanin production will be slowed down, and the natural mechanism of collagen production will be stimulated, generating bright, smooth and rejuvenated skin from the inside out.

phương pháp không đụng chạm dao kéo nên căng chỉ collagen có quy trình thực hiện khá đơn giản và nhanh chóng.

The Thread Lift procedure

Since this is a non-invasive method, Collagen Thread Lift has a fairly simple and quick implementation process.

  • Step 1: Examination and Consultation

Before Collagen Thread Lift, customers will be medically examined to evaluate the aging area and the aging level of the skin to determine the amount of threads to be implanted and determine the most suitable beauty method.

  • Step 2: Disinfect and incubate the anesthesia

The face area will be disinfected after the examination and consultation session, and then the anesthesia incubation period will begin. This step helps customers feel more comfortable during the procedure.

  • Step 3: Perform Collagen Thread Lift

Collagen threads will then be inserted into the designated locations. Collagen threads serve as a mesh to stretch and support sagging skin and help to keep the skin smooth, firm, and wrinkle-free.

  • Step 4: Post-operative care

Following the procedure, doctors will re-examine the skin condition and customers will be kept under observation for an additional hour to ensure safety. Before leaving, customers will be instructed on how to take care of the skin at home to achieve the desired results. After that, customers can safely leave and return for a follow-up appointment as scheduled.

Post-operative care procedure after Thread Lift

  • Within 3 to 5 days after Thread Lift, there will be minor swelling. To reduce this condition, customers can use ice packs to apply to the face for 5-10 minutes a day.

  • Provide adequate water for the body, juice or fruit can also be substituted to supplement vitamins and minerals.

  • Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines can be used according to the prescription and instructions of doctors.

  • Return for a follow-up appointment as scheduled.

  • Customers should limit the strong impact on the implanted skin area in order to ensure the lifting and rejuvenating effect.

  • Do not consume foods that cause inflammation, pus, allergies and easily leave scars such as chicken, beef, water spinach, seafood and dishes made from sticky rice.

  • Foods that are too hard to chew should be avoided since this will affect the facial muscles and lessen the effectiveness of the operation.

  • Limit exposure to the sun during the recovery period because UV rays can cause the skin to darken.

  • Avoid makeup and cosmetics with strong components after the procedure; only use makeup when the wound is completely healed.

  • For at least two weeks following the procedure, refrain from massage, steam, and other beauty treatments.

Most frequently asked questions about Collagen Thread Lift

  • What is the price of Collagen Thread Lift?

Answer: On the market today, a Collagen Thread Lift procedure costs about 60 - 80 million dong. However, customers must take into account many other factors, such as the facility, the doctor's competence level, the degree of facial skin aging, etc., in order to determine the precise number.

  • Where can I find the best place for Collagen Thread Lift?

Answer: Customers must choose a reputable and high-quality facility to guarantee both safety and a lasting aesthetic result. One of the top facilities in the beauty industry is Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, where Collagen Thread Lift should indeed be acknowledged.

  • Is Collagen Thread Lift dangerous?

Answer: Since Collagen Thread Lift is a non-invasive facelift technique, its safety is very high. Estheticians consider Thread Lift to be the safest and most efficient facelift procedure currently available.

  • How long are collagen threads effective? Is it permanent?

Answer: The threads will be gradually dissolved over a period of 6 months, although some effects may last up to a year due to their collagen-promoting properties. However, depending on the care regimen, the ability to lift and rejuvenate the skin of this method can last about 3 to 5 years even if the threads are completely dissolved.

Above is all the information about Thread Lift reviews to answer the question whether it is as beneficial as rumors. We hope this article provided readers with useful information about beauty services. If you are interested in Collagen Thread Lift services at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, please contact the hotline below for a free consultation!


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