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A touching story of Ngoc Vi- one of our customers

My full name is Nguyen Ngoc Vi and I am a skin care technician. I'm a flexible, sociable and friendly girl so my friends and colleagues love me. However, my appearance is a pretty great barrier for me to look for a beautiful love. Although I have always been happy but I still have some feelings of inferiority because my protruding mouth. Perhaps because my appearance looks not beautiful, I'm still not really happy in love when I'm over 24.

I'm a petite and cute girl so many people love me. However, I feel very difficult to get my own happiness because of the barrier about my appearance. Then one day everything was changed ...
My close friend introduced me Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital which has Protruding Jaw surgery. Initially I was pretty apprehensive of pain because this is a surgery. Nevertheless, I finally came to Ngoc Phu hospital for consultation because I always had a desire to be more beautiful and wanted to change my face.
I know that protruding jaw surgery is very complicated so I have to choose a prestigious plastic surgery hospital. And eventually, I decided to apply this surgery in Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital:

Before I got on the operation table, I was very nervous but my doctors were very enthusiastic and friendly. Therefore, I felt more calm and comfortable.

It took about 2 hours for protruding jaw surgery. Although I felt a little tired, after the surgery, I knew that it was not so painful as I imagined. After surgery finished, the mouth area was still not swollen much yet.

đang phẩu thuật

After 1 day, the wound was swollen much than right after surgery.

After 3 days, the wound was reduced

After 1 week, my face was no longer swollen much and I felt the change of my face more clearly.

1 month after surgery, the wound has fully recovered and my face had the natural beauty. The condition of protruding jaw was resolved.

( In Ngoc Vi's surgery,  Dr. Tan Si performed rhinoplasty and chin implant, Dr. Tan Hung performed protruding jaw surgery).

The change in my face is ongoing and every day I feel more beautiful. The condition of protruding jaw disappear. All of my friends praised me for being more beautiful because of the change of my face. Now I can confidently take a walk, smile when taking pictures and I have more opportunities to communicate with more people. The decision to apply the surgery helped me open up a new door, but perhaps what I feel most happy is that I'm now very confident and enjoying life because of my new beauty. I want to give my sincere thank to Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital.


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