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Painless Endoscopic Breast Augmentation

Naturally beautiful and plump breast is a desire of most women. Because with bouncing breasts, you can confidently wear sexy dresses. Therefore, with girls who own small breasts, method of endoscopic breast augmentation is a quick way to help your breasts be significantly improved.


why ?

Endoscopic Breast Augmentation is painless

Endoscopic breast augmentation uses dedicated endoscopic equipments during surgery. Endoscopic equipment is attached with a tiny camera which can zoom the structures inside the breast area directly onto the screen. Incisions with endoscopic breast augmentation are very small, just about 2cm deep in the armpit. Therefore, we ensure non-invasiveness to the surrounding breast tissues. The procedure of the surgery with the assistance of endoscopic equipments. In addition, doctors will incise chest cavity very meticulously, carefully, gently and accurately. Chest bags will be fixed in incised position to make a change in the size of breasts.
 Compared with previous methods, endoscopic breast augmentation is appreciated by experts about the safety, high aesthetic and maximum limit of pain, swelling after surgery, due to the support of dedicated endoscopic equipments and very small incisions. While performing surgery, doctors will anesthetize so the process will take place very gently, without causing pain or discomfort.


Endoscopic breast augmetation

with safe gel bags

To bring beautiful result of breast augmentation as desired, the selection of chest bags also plays a very important role. In Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, we choose breast bags which were directly imported  from the United States, accredited by the Ministry of Health. We committed to bring to customers:

1 Naturally beautiful and really soft breasts:

Chest bags with a special structure, help your breasts become natural and soft like the real one. We will bring to you plump breast as you wish.

2 Absolutely not affect the function of the breast

With safe chest bags, we ensure that they totally do not affect the function of the breast such as breastfeeding.

3 Feel free to do exercise

Chest bags are correctly placed on the incised chest cavity. Therefore, after the breast recover, customers can comfortably do exercise, live as normal.

Ngoc Phu aesthetic hospital

pretigous place for

 Endoscopic Breast Augmentation

However, to ensure the result of breast augmentation as you wish, not happening any risk or pain when performing the surgery, customers should choose a prestigious address for cosmetic surgery. Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is a reputable hospital in the field of cosmetic surgery, applying the most advanced techniques in all beauty treatment. Especially, we apply endoscopic breast augmentation technique to support perform the surgery gently, without causing anxiety, fear for our customers. We will give customers the comfort to wait for a new face with glamor plump breast.




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