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Cosmetic Lip Tattoo

Aesthetic Lip Tattoo is beauty treatment which is very popular with many women. Using lipstick to make the lips fuller is not enough because it only works in a certain time. Furthermore, with certain lead content in lipstick will negatively effect your health. Therefore, lip tattoo is the best solution for those who want to own plump lips wherever without spending time to makeup.

Why ?

should you choose natural rosy lip tattoo?

1Absolutely safe

Lip Tattoo by Korean technology is simple technique, using qualitative tattoo ink and totally not harming skin or causing skin irritation.

2No swelling, no pain and no recovery time

Clients will be anesthetized before tattooing so they will not feel any pain. After tattooing you can go home without recovery time.

3Lip tattoo for the long term effect

Herbal tattoo ink has high durability and quality so the result can be durably sustained.

4Correct the defects of lips

Tattoo gives the lips natural colors and also help create the full lips and sexy contours, overcoming the defects of lip shape such lips deviation, blurred lip line. 

who? should apply lip tattoo

1In case lips are imbalanced or blurred

2Who have dark lips, pale lips

3Who want to own cheerful and rosy lip

Ngoc Phu aesthetic hospital

prestigious address

for natural and rosy lip tattoo

Proud to be the most prestigious address for comprehensive beautifying today, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital with absolute commitment to bring to clients

1The latest Korean tattoo technology today 

Lip tattoo technology is exclusively transferred from South Korea, which will bring naturally beautiful and rosy lips, correcting defects of dark lips efficiently, quickly. In addition, maintaining the beauty durably.

2Team of experienced tattooists

You will be consulted and tattooed by the team of experienced tattooists. We commit to give clients absolute satisfaction,  bring seductive beauty to each client.

3Absolutely aseptically tools

Completely new tattoo tools for each client, ensuring absolute sterility without swelling or pain. Tattoo ink which is directly imported  from Korea is durable and non-allergenic to the skin.



1Our tattooist will consult and choose the color, lip shape to suit your face.

Each face will have specific adjustment:
- With too thin lips : we will design lip shape by cheating at drawing to the outside of lips to make them look thicker and suitable.
- With too thick lips : we will design lip shape by cheating at outline to the inside to shape thinner lips.
- For people who have lips with deviation: tattooist will outline the lips to help hide the defects of the face.
- With dark lips : our tattooist will change lip pigment to make the lips become bright and youthful.

2Sterilize equipment and check the ink

Tattoo equipments will be sterilized by tattooist to minimize the infection when tattooing. The color of tattoo ink will be mixed in accordance with client requirements.

3Clean and anesthetize the lip when tattooing

Our tattooists will carefully clean and anesthetize the lips so that during the process clients will not feel any discomfort.


4Perform lip tattoo

Our tattooists will tattoo by a tattoo pen with super tiny needle to directly go on the skin and apply ink at the same time for the best result.




- Suitable lip shape which is harmonious with the face
- Fuller and cheerful lips with natural color
- Correct the dark lips, lip deflection, thin or thick lips
- Perform procedure without swelling, pain or bleeding
- Bright color for the whole day.

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