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Firm and plump breast is a desire of most women. A plump breast makes you more confident and attractive. Therefore, with girls who own small breasts, endoscopic breast augmentation technology is a quick way to help their breasts be more plump and attractive

Plump and bouncing breast help women be more attractive

However, along with the concern of quality of endoscopic breast augmentation, its cost could considerably affect the decision of those who want to improve their breast. And according to experts, its cost depends on following factors:

- Individual level of breast augmentation and its status: surgeons will base on the difficulty of the operation and customer’s desire to achieve the best result.

- What is the breast implant?: Currently, there are various types of breast implant such as round shape, teardrop shape, smooth or rough surface, made of sea water or gel. Each one has its own function and use. Therefore, the cost depends on customer’s choice of breast implant.

- The surgeon team: Customer’s choice of surgeon also determines their surgery’s cost and quality, which depends on their experience, ingenuity, meticulosity and aesthetic eyes.

Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is the most modern hospital on breast augmentation surgery at present. We not also help to safely and effectively improve your breast, but also satisfy your concern on its cost after your examination at our hospital.



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