Dental Implant

Dental Implant is a method to restore lost teeth that includes durable porcelain crowns and root posts. This method can effectively improve masticatory function and bring aesthetics to the teeth with long-term effects and natural attractiveness.
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Customers with protracted tooth loss and severely damaged jawbone can benefit from Dental Implant. Methods such as dentures and porcelain bridges will not be effective in these situations. Dental Implant not only improves aesthetics but also makes masticatory function more efficient for customers.


Dental Implant is the most modern method of dental implantation currently available using artificial root implant technology, performed when a patient has lost one, many or all the teeth that other methods cannot replace. Metal posts made of titanium will be implanted into the jawbone by the dentist. These titanium posts will be reinforced into the bone for 1 to 6 months, after which the dentist will repair the porcelain teeth on top and create a new set of teeth that appears and performs exactly like real ones, while also ensuring masticatory function and high aesthetic efficiency.


All of the shortcomings of prior approaches have been completely eradicated due to the outstanding advantages of the new Dental Implant technology:

  • Fast and minimally invasive bone integration

The root post of a dental implant is placed directly into the jaw bone without having to dissect the gums, making it less invasive and causing less pain for customers. Since the implant post is made of high-quality titanium, it is non-irritating to tissues and gums, ensuring complete safety. 

  • Enhance masticatory function and food sensor like real teeth

The titanium post will be secured by the surrounding jawbone when implanted, ensuring a firm and extended endurance. Newly implanted teeth will feel like natural ones with a natural form and color.

  • Shorten the treatment duration

Dental Implant can significantly shorten the treatment duration compared to traditional methods. Porcelain crowns are produced within the day at the Labo of Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital's Cosmetic Dentistry Department, reducing the amount of follow-up examinations for customers during the treatment process.

  • New teeth are maintained for up to 10 years

Titanium and porcelain crowns ensure the implanted teeth's long-term endurance, thus the new teeth provide not only natural beauty but also firmness and cohesion with long-term preservation.


The dentist will determine which is the most effective method of implantation for each case:

  • If one tooth is lost, one implant will be employed
  • If two teeth are lost, two implants will be employed
  • If three teeth are lost, the method will be one in the two options: two implants and a porcelain bridge, or three implants
  • If four teeth are lost, three implants and a porcelain bridge, or four implants and removable jaws will be employed
  • Examination and consultation

Customers will be examined and consulted by prominent dentists at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital. The designated dentist will then determine and recommend the most appropriate method for achieving the desired outcomes based on each case.

  • X-ray of the jawbone

The dentist will take an overall X-ray and a thorough examination of the entire jawbone to determine the exact size of the implant to be implanted. The length, size, and diameter of the implant post will then be calculated using the same parameters as the original bone structure of the lost teeth.

  • Anaesthesia and oral hygiene

To guarantee oral hygiene, the oral cavity will be disinfected prior to surgery. Customers will be given local anaesthesia to guarantee a pleasant and comfortable process.

  • Implants and temporary dentures

The implant post will be inserted directly into the jawbone area that has been accurately measured by the dentist based on the previous X-ray film, employing a drill with a special cutting head, thus no incision will be created. The procedure takes only 20 minutes for each tooth.

The dentist will immediately extend the root and take samples for dental Labo porcelain teeth after implanting the implants. While waiting for the implant post to stabilise and designing the porcelain teeth, customers will be temporarily attached with dentures.

  • Fitting porcelain teeth

The porcelain teeth will be fitted to the root post three weeks after implantation, completing the Dental Implant procedure.

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Is Dental Implant painful?

Any intervention to the body, no matter how minor, can cause discomfort, fear, or tension. The degree of pain, on the other hand, varies greatly depending on the psyche and physique of each individual. However, the surgical area will be numbed with local anaesthesia prior to the Dental Implant procedure to minimise discomfort. In addition, the pain level also depends on the number of teeth to be replaced, the implant technology employed and the qualifications of the dentist performed.

Do dental implants cause allergies?

The dental implants employed are teeth made with neutral substances without using impure Titanium metal as the main ingredient. This is a material highly compatible with the human body. Customers will not have to worry about any allergy reaction that causes bodily rejection.

Is there any periodical re-examination required after Dental Implant?

Dentists recommend that every 6 months customers have to return to the hospital for periodical re-examinations after Dental Implant to ensure that if abnormal signs appear, the designated dentist can monitor, examine as well as detect and correct flaws instantly. Customers should contact the dentist immediately if there are complications following the operation, such as loose implants, bad breath, bleeding when cleaning the teeth, etc. If the problems are left untreated for a long period, these issues will become more difficult to resolve.

Is Dental Implant beneficial?

Dental implant can ensure aesthetics by creating teeth with shape and color like real ones. It also shows significant advantages in terms of firmness and masticatory function in many cases. With the Implant teeth, the masticatory function is effectively improved, resulting in customer confidence and a pleasant feeling. As a result, Dental Implant can invariably provides significant benefits.

Does the smile lose naturalness after Dental Implant?

Dental implants look more than 95% similar to real teeth, so it will not be possible to detect or see any difference when customers smile, talk or eat. As a result, implanted teeth will be undetectable and will retain their natural appearance when smiling.


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