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Double Eyelid Surgery by Korean Technology

Everyone wants to own the natural beauty with double eyelids.In the past, the technology has not developed yet. Single Eyelid has been a quite big problem for ladies who could not achieve the desired result. Nowadays, when the Korean technology of Double Eyelid surgery appears, it becomes the best technique for creating double eyelids.

korean double eyelid surgery

What are the differences ?

When you apply Double Eyelid Surgery by korean technology?

 Which eyes are called eyes with double eyelid?

When the eyes open, between eyelashes and eyebrows, there is a fold. That's called eyes with double eyelid. If there is no fold, that is called single eyelid. There are also some cases that one eye has double eyelid but the other eye has single eyelid.

By the time, your upper eyelids will appear a lot of excess skin and fat which make your eyes lose the beauty.

1 Natural beautiful double eyelids , completely remove excess skin and  fat

Before the surgery, surgeons will scrupulous measure and mark the excess skin and fat needed to be removed, then shape the new eyelid to be appropriate with the face. Therefore, when performing the upper eyelid surgery, surgeons not only create double eyelids, but also help completely remove excess skin and fat in the eyes.

2 Absolutely safe, painless and minimal scars

Korean double eyelid surgery is a simple procedure, performed by a team of surgeonswith more than 25 years of experience, using specialized equipments to ensure the safety and optimal effect. clients are local anesthetized so the surgery will be painless. In addition, the eyelid creases are closed by absorbable aesthetic suture so scars are minimal.

3 Beautiful double eyelid will maintain forever

When performing double eyelid surgery, the surgeon will completely remove the excess fat and skin above the eyes to prevent the fat bags accumulate again. Therefore, after surgery, your eyelids will achieve the beauty, maintain permanently.

4 Performing quickly and minimal downtime

The time for Korean Double Eyelid Surgery is just 45 minutes. After surgery, clients can go home and do normal activities with minimal downtime.

Who? should apply double eyelid surgery

1 Single eyelid with a lot of excess skin and fat

2 Eyelids with many creases

3 Eyes with small creases and much excess fat

4 Eyes which has already been done eyelid surgery but did not achieve the desired result

Ngoc Phu aesthetic hospital

Prestige and safety

With the applications of Korean technology for Vietnamese people, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital with Korean eyelid surgery techniques, will give clients the youthful and natural round eyes with double eyelids. This is a reputable address for making perfect eyes with double eyelid.
Leading in the applying advanced aesthetic technology and investing modern equipments in order to give clients the natural beauty according to Korean standards. In Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, you can experience the superior service of Korean double eyelid surgery:

1Aesthetic technologies are exclusively transfered from Korea

2Luxurious equipment system and infrastructure with professional working style.

3Comprehensively taking care of clients from consultancy, examination, help clients feel comfortable and happy.



Procedure of double eyelid surgery

1 Examination and consultancy

The surgeon will examine carefully the status of the excess skin and fat which need to be removed. Then clients will be consulted for the most appropriate method.

2 Antisepsis and anesthesia

The area around the eyes will be carefully sterilized to ensure the safety and then the surgeon will conduct anesthesia so that clients feel comfortable during the surgery.

3 Perform double eyelid surgery

The surgeons will safely remove the excess skin and fat in the eyelids without bleeding, pain or lesion.

4 Close the incision

The surgeon will close the incision by aesthetic sutures along the new contours of your eyelids, ensure that scars will be minimal.


  • Youthful big round eyes which are appropriate with the face
  • Giving your eyes the double eyelids which are naturally beautiful and equal in two sides. 
  • Results maintain for a long time


time and cost






Korean Blepharoplasty 300 15
Korean Blepharoplasty                                             (Eyelids have excess skin) 400 30
Korean Double Eyelid Surgery 300 30
Removing Excess Skin In Upper Eyelid 400 45
Eyelid Correction Surgery 900-1400 45
Eyelid Ptosis Correction Surgery(1 side or 2 side) 400-800 45
Bags Under Eyes Removal 300 30
Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty 800-900 60


*Dollar exchange rate in the above price list : $ 1 = 20000 VND

 (Price of Surgeries and Treatment will change according to the current dollar price)


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