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Experienced and prestigious surgeons

Team of doctors with more than 30 years of experience is a superior strength of Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital and also with modern facility system, advanced equipments. Our doctors are transferred technology for beauty enhancement directly from Korea to apply for Vietnamese, and help you own the most natural beauty.

Along with modern infrastructure and equipment systems, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is proud to be the best place with professors, doctors who have high qualifications and more than 25 years of experience . All of our doctors have high academic titles and achieved certain successes in the field of plastic surgery. With rich experience of over 25 years in this field and ethic, high responsibility, we sure they will satisfy you when you come to Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital.

 At Ngoc Phu Hospital, our doctors have been constantly learning and directly transferred the latest technologies from Korea to serve clients in Vietnam. In addition, our nursing staffs with high professional level, will attentive care and give you a sense of comfort, peace of mind and satisfaction to our customers when you apply our treatments and services.

Professor - Dr LEE JUNG HOON - Director of NU Institute of Plastic Surgery - SEOUL

We always have the support and cooperation of a team of doctors from ZEAH MEDICAL GROUP. They transferred their technology and support us about specialist knowledge to improve professional skills for doctors at Ngoc Phu Hospital.

You will experience outstanding differences at Ngoc Phu. Our doctors will examine, consult and answer your questions about the most appropriate method for you. We ensure not only enhance the beauty but also always satisfy all clients.

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