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Does V-Line chin implant affect eating function?

Hello doctor, I know that Vline chin implant can correct my short chin shape. Through the information I found out, this is a very safe treatment, but I don't know whether chin implant can affect my function of eating or not? Please answer, thank you doctor.

 Thank you for your trust and questions on the question/answer column of Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital. We are pleased to answer your question as follows:
 Just as you know about Vline chin implant, this method will quickly correct the short chin, receding chin to help your face be slim, beautiful and natural. Furthermore, it's also very safe.
 In Vline chin implant method, your chin will be filled with implant and place in the chin through the lower lip mucosa. With a team of experienced doctors at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, a new chin shape will look very harmonious with the face and without complications. Implant used at Ngoc Phu will be directly imported from the United States with high compatibility with your body, high stablility after surgery.
 Chin implant surgery is just a minor surgery performed inside the mucosa so scars will be hidden as invisible. After surgery, the chin area will be beautiful quickly, just after 1-2 days. In first days, you should eat liquid and soft food, and then change to solid food. After eating, you should clean your mouth with salt water. Just after about one week, you will completely recover and can eat normally, without affecting your health as well as eating function.
 Once you decide to apply Vline chin implant surgery, come to Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital for more detailed examination and consultation, help solve all your worries and quickly get new chin for delicate Vline face.

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