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At what age is it appropriate to recieve breast augmentation surgery?

This year I'm 23 years old and passed puberty but my small breasts have been the cause of a lot of mental anguish to the point of depression over my personal self image and confidence. Can I get breast implants at my age?


 Thank you for submitting questions to Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital. We would like to answer you as follows:

 Endoscopic breast augmentation is the way to improve my breasts effectively and safely. This method helps your breasts be fuller by breast implants correctly placed into the breast cavity by endoscopic equipments. During the surgery, endoscopy equipments help zoom in the structure of breast cavity, nervous system and blood vessels many times on screen. Therefore, the operations of our surgeons are absolutely correct, we ensure the safety and beauty.
 This breast enhancement method has many advantages and completely correct the defects of traditional methods such as safety, increase breast size naturally without pain, minimal scar, maintain long-term result and minimal complications. Therefore, endoscopic breast augmentation become chosen by a lot of women.
 To ensure safety and achieve the best result, endoscopic breast augmentation surgery is indicated to apply for women whose age from 18 and older. Thus, now you can apply breast lift to own balanced and fuller breasts. However, before you decide to get breast augmentation, you need to be in good health, as well as no cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure, diabetes or abnormal psychology ... Besides, women who are in the process of pregnancy or breast-feeding can not apply breast augmentation.
 To understand clearer about endoscopic breast augmentation technology as well as examination and free consultation, you should go to Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, the most prestigious plastic surgery hospital today to help you quickly own fuller and attractive breasts.

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