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Abdominal liposuction may affect the ability pregnant or not?

Hello doctor, after having my first baby, my abdomen is big and has pretty much excess fat. This makes me no longer feel confident to wear your favorite clothes. I have applied a lot of training methods to lose belly fat but I didn't achieve results as desired. If now I want to apply abdominal liposuction, after that whether I can continue to be pregnant or not? Please advice me.

  Today, the rate of abdominal obesity in Vietnam is increasing due to daily diet with much fat or sedentary postpartum women. It is very easy to accumulate fat in the abdominal area. Therefore, a lot of people applies endoscopic abdominal liposuction, this is the most effective and safest solution. However, many people still have questions that whether liposuction affect pregnancy or not?
  Abdominal liposuction will be performed through 2 small incisions about 1 cm on both side of the abdomen and fat will be taken out through a straw by endoscopic equipment. After liposuction, you will just feel a little pain, and rest in a few days. Then, after one week your surture will be removed and you can do normal activities. Abdominal liposuction technique only impacts the subcutaneous fat organization in abdominal area, absolutely does not touch the abdominal wall or muscles. Therefore, after surgery, you just need enough time for your abdomen to be stably shaped and then you can have baby normally, and it absolutely does not affect your health. The best time which is possible for pregnancy is after abdominal liposuction at least 6 months.
  We hope with these information, you can feel secure when apply this safe abdominal liposuction method, help get in perfect shape with seductive curves. To know more details, let come to Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital so that our experts can consult and examine and also you can choose the best method for yourself.

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