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Rhinoplasty is a beauty enhancement method which is widely applied because it help face becomes soft, more delicate. Today, there are many different methods of rhinoplasty, appropriate with each nasal structure. In which, Korean Sline rhinoplasty is safer and the most popular.

KOREA Sline rhinoplasty is SAFe OR NOT


1Choose a prestigious aesthetic enhancement address 

Quality is the decisive factor because a prestigious beauty center has to converge: doctors with higher qualifications and rich in experience, along with advanced technology, modern facilities, fully equipped and more important, the implants used for surgery are tested and  certified about the safety by the Ministry of Health.

2Good and very experienced surgeons

This also greatly influence the safety of a rhinoplasty surgery: good surgeons here are not only merely highly qualified , but also confidential, working with all their enthusiasm and passion. Because after surgery, your nose is beautiful harmonious or not depending on the hands and eyes of the surgeon. To perform S Line rhinoplasty safely, you should refer to the results of previous surgeries of those surgeons or ask the opinion of "experienced people" to help you be able to choose and make the right decision.

3Modern machines and equipments

In order that the surgeries are precisely and quickly performed, another important thing is modern equipments. If an aesthetic clinic is lack of equipments and with small, narrow, dimly, unsanitary operating rooms, the surgery will happen more risks and the risk of infection is higher.

4You should find out carefully about the rhinoplasty method that you will apply

Because if you understand clearly about the result you will feel secure. In addition, your questions will be quickly answered. This helps you know whether Korean Sline rhinoplasty is safe or not.

With these factors, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital fully meets client's demand and is the best choice for you.  Safe Korean Sline Rhinoplasty is what our hospital has been performing every day, which gives our clients confidence when owning a face with flawless lines.

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