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Eyebrow Powdered Spraying

Eyebrow Tattoo by Powder Fill method which is the latest Korean technology in 2017 is a perfect combination of natural beautiful ink extracted from the herbs with soft strokes shaping eyebrow naturally. This method has become a new trend and been widely chosen by a lot of women. Perfect solution to overcome condition of eyebrows which are sparse or pale in color, help women own naturally beautiful eyebrows without makeup.

why ?

Eyebrow tattoo Powder Fill method

is chosen by a lot of women?

1Sharp natural beautiful eyebrows

Eyebrow Tattoo Powder Fill is a beautifying form which is completely different from previous methods. Korean technology gives very natural result. This method is a combination of tattoo technique and powder fill technique, help brow lines become sharp and natural.

2Long term effect

EyeBrow Tattoo Powder fill technique under the impact of ultra-small needle put into the skin and use ink extracted from herbal extracts with high durability. Therefore, after this service, your beauty will maintain long-term stability.

3Safer for your skin

Eyebrow Tattoo is done in absolutely steriled room by antioxidant ink. Tools will be steriled before using for each client. Therefore, we ensure the absolute safety for our clients, no irritation, no discomfort or discoloration.

4Beautiful immediately

Technique of Eyebrow Tattoo Powder Fill method meets the needs of all clients because of immediate effect of natural beauty after tattoo, you won't need to take much recovery time.

who? should apply

 Eyebrow Tattoo Powder Fill


1 Sparse eyebrow or light color

2Who have already applied eyebrow tattoo but did not achieve desired result

3Who want to make new eyebrow shape as desired.

Ngoc phu Aesthetic hospital

the best current address

for Eyebrow Powdered spraying

Not only leading in the field of plastic surgery, high technology treatment, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is also known as an address where perform cosmetic tattoo under leading technology of South Korea today. In the current tattoo method, powder fill technique is chosen by most clients today.
Team of experienced tattooists and delicate aesthetic eye, help design balanced eyebrow shape for each client's face shape. Korean technique of Eyebrow Tattoo Powder Fill in 2015 really satisfies all clients, even the most fastidious one. This method is simple and quick, make your eyebrows naturally sharp and suitable with a lot of clients.

procedure of 

Eyebrow Tattoo Powder Fill



Tattooists will examine the current condition of the eyebrow, then they will determine the characteristics of your faces to choose the most suitable eyebrow shape for each client.

2Draw new eyebrow shape 

Depending on the characteristics of each person's face, our tattooists will draw and shape the most suitable new eyebrow before performing eyebrow tattoo.

3Give an anesthesia the area around eyebrows 

Brow area will be given a local anesthesia so during the tattoo process you will absolutely not feel any pain or discomfort.

4Perform Eyebrow Tattoo Powder fill

This process is done in about 60 minutes. This technique is the combination of eyebrow tattoo technique and technique of filling ultrafine powder, help create natural beauty for sharp eyebrows.



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