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Eyelid Tattoo

Men are easily attracted by big, round and sharp eyes of women. Therefore, ladies are very sophisticated in make-up to have beautiful eyes. Not all of them are ingenious to make up for their eyes themselves, so many women have to find a safe and effective eyelid tattoo method.

Why ?

should you choose eyelid tattoo?

Eyelid tattoo is a form of forever makeup for eyes to help correct their defects. Eyelid tattoo at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital help make your eyes bigger, naturally beautiful and absolutely safe. The tattooists will make a slim contour which is adjacent to eye lashes so that your eyes look bigger and deeper, more flexible and attractive.

Advantages of Eyelid Tattoo

1 Ink with beautiful color and smoothness, tattoo ink with high quality from natural herbs.

2 Perform eyelid tattoo without pain or swelling.

3 Quickly and absolutely safe.

4 No recovery time.

5 Make your eyes look bigger, beautiful, round, seductive and glitter.

4Maintain long-term results by high-quality tattoo ink.

Who? should apply eyelid tattoo?

1 Small eyes

2 Eyes without clear eyelid folds.

ngoc phu Aesthetic hospital

Eyelid tattoo at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital with the most advanced techniques today, performed by a team of highly experienced tattooists. You will soon own beautiful eyes as desired and the best results.

Process of eyelid tattoo

1 Step 1: Consultation and examination.

Our tattooists will directly examine the condition of eyelid to consult clients in order to choose the most suitable form.


2 Step 2: Clean the skin of eyes area

Before eyelid tattoo, the eyelids will be sterilized to ensure the safety.

3 Step 3: Perform a local anesthetic.

You will receive a local anesthetic 20 minutes before tattoo to feel comfortable, no pain or discomfort during this process.


4 Step 4: Perform eyelid tattoo.

Our tattooists will perform eyelid tattoo process gently, carefully and meticulously on each contour. Only 45 minutes after performing eyelid tattoo, you will own beautiful eyes as desired.




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