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The story of one of our customers: Hoang Dung

In order get rid of inferiority complex and follow the dream to become a singer, Hoang Dung has applied to plastic surgery. The result was more successful than expected. Now Dung has the natural beauty and has become a singer as her dream.

Dung said:

Since I was a child, I had a dream of becoming a professional singer and wanted to be famous but my appearance have still not really shined on stage yet.
I used to find out about cosmetic surgery on the internet but I was still not really brave to apply it. Finally, thanks to the support of my family, I had enough courage to do it. I was carefully consulted by the doctors about rhinoplasty surgery, lip reduction, Vline chin implant. Besides, my parents also gave me financial support so I decided to perform these surgeries.

After more than two hours, my surgeries include rhinoplasty, lip reduction and Vline chin implant succeeded. The process was very gentle and painless not as I had imagine.

After surgery, I could not feel the result immediately but my mood was better since finally I made a change. Only after one more week, I recovered completely with the natural beauty. Then I get a facial skin care to make my skin brighter and smoother. Now, here I am very confident with my appearance including slim face, high nose, slim lips and Vline chin as Korean which make me love smiling all the time. I feel so lucky to get this beauty and I am very confident because of my new look is better on stage. Thanks a lot Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital."

Note: the results depending on the available curves and the natural disposition of each person

It can be easily seen that is a remarkable change in the face of Hoang Dung. She now has a higher nose and Korean chin implant method made her face slimmer and more elegant. Beside, her lips are also reduced to make her smile brighter and charming, more beautiful, her skin becomes smoother ... Some minor surgeries on her face have brought a huge change to Dung, helped her owns natural beauty, gave her confidence and new successes.


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