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Non-surgical Lip Augmentation

A seductive smile with full sexy lips is the desire of many ladies. However, not all of them own full lips which are appropriate to their faces. Ladies whose lips are too slim but their mental processes are fearing pain when they have to rely on the intervention of cosmetic surgery. The method of non-surgical lips filling by Filler the fillers is considered as the most effective solution

who ?

you should choose non-surgical lip augmentation

Filler is a compound of hyaluronic acid, it is similar to a natural substance in the human body. When the filler is injected into the skin, it forms the thick mass of tissue, help filling and shaping the beauty as desired without surgery.
 Operating time of non-surgical lip augmentation is only 20 minutes by directly injecting filler into the area that needs to be filled. This method is very safe, non-allergenic and completely painless.

1Painless, no scar

2Filler with a high degree of compatibility with the body so there are no complications.

3You can adjust your lip shape exactly as desired and achieve perfect beauty.

4You can do normal activities after injecting filler without recovery time.

5Feel the result quickly and effect maintain for 2 years

   Why should you choose Lip Augmentation by Filler ?


Create sexy lips

Lip Augmentation has become a new beauty enhancement trend, helps lips be fuller, full of vitality, harmonious with beauty to the face.


Absolutely safe

Filler has a very high degree of compatibility with the body and is certified for the safety. There is absolutely no side effect so it's very safe.


No surgery and no pain

When filling thin lips, we use tiny needles so it's absolutely not painful or uncomfortable. This is a method which helps enhance your beauty gentle without surgery.


Effect immediately

After injecting of filler, you will feel the change of your lips, it's effective immediately.

who? should apply lip augmentation

1Too thin lip

2Lips appear many wrinkles

3Who want to own fuller lips

Ngoc phu aesthetic hospital

safe address for non-surgical lip augmentition

Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is considered as the most prestigious address of beauty enhancement in beauty industry at present. We're proud to be the leader with the latest beauty enhancement technology today to bring to our clients the most satisfaction.
Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital with a team of experienced doctors who have  aesthetic eye, helps shape perfect beautiful lips. Filler injection technique has been successfully applied by our doctors. In addition,  this process is quick without swelling or pain, we will give you sexy full tight lips.


1Examine your lip shape


2Clean the lip area


3Perform lip augmentation

By tiny needle, our doctor will inject the amount of filler into determined positions to make your lips fuller as desired. This process is quick, just from 5-10 minutes and then when it's done, you will feel the result clearly.






Time and cost

Treatment price (USD) Time ( minute )
Lip Reduction ( Upper or Lower ) 300 30
Adjust lip shape, remove old silicon ( Upper or lower ) 400 30
Lip Augmentation, tighten wrinkled lips 500 / 1 cc 10

*US. Dollar exchange rate in the above price list : $ 1 = 20000 VND

( Price of Surgeries and Treatment will change according to the current dollar price)

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