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Non-Surgical Facelift

Today in modern life, ladies have less time to take care of their skin because of work pressure. Therefore, how to own smooth, stretch, toned, youthful facial skin but do not take too much time is the concern of many people. Understanding this issue, Ngoc Phu Cosmetology Hospital has applied new technology of Thermagic Lift non-surgical facelifts for customers. We ensure to help customers own healthy skin which is not sagging anymore after only 90 minutes of first time treatment.

căng da mặt không phẫu thuật với máy thermagic lift tại bệnh viện Ngọc Phú


SHould you choose non-surgical facelift

Principles of non-surgical facelift of Thermagic Lift technology

  • Thermagic Lift uses RF wave to transfer energy  into heat energy deep inside the epidermis, which stimulates create new collagen and recreate old collagen. Diode laser ray increases the operational processes of cells,gives you better blood circulation, ruddy skin and also clearly improve wrinkles .
  • Thermagic Lift is a method of wrinkles removing, skin rejuvenation and facelift which provides safety and natural beauty without surgery.

Outstanding advantages of non-surgical facelift with Thermagic Lift technology

1 Quick effect.

2 Treat any skin area on the body: face, arm, abdomen and thigh

3 Non-invasive, painless, no traces of cosmetic sugery.

4 The treatment duration is short, not taking downtime

5 Absolutely safe and effectively maintain the stability.

Who? are suitable for thermatic lift techniques

1 Saggy skin

2 Skin which appears wrinkles

ngoc phu cosmetic hospital

Right after the first treatment of non-surgical facelift with technology Thermagic Lift in Ngoc Phu Cosmetic Hospital, you will quickly feel the positive changes in your skin. After the treatment 6-8 times, you can  own the skin which is more than 10 years old younger and lasted for more than 3 years.

Non-surgical facelift process in

ngoc phu cosmetic hospital


After the first treatment with Thermagic Lift technology,customers will feel the positive changes of the skin: firm, rosy skin and wrinkles fade ...

1 Step 1: Facial scrubs and sauna to clean your face.

2 Step 2: Using Thermagic Lift technology to help remove wrinkles.

When RF exposure to the skin, having bioelectric sources in the body will form a useful source of heat. This heat source healing effects of eslatin texture and collagen, which helps stimulate the circulatory system, toxins out and increase skin cell function, fuzzy wrinkles. Also, RF waves also increase absorption and filtration of oxygen can make skin.



3 Step 3: Skin care by collagen essences

Pure collagen bring positive effects such as skin firming skin, rosy, wrinkles fade.

4 Step 4: Cover the face by collagen mask

Your face is covered by seaweed mask which makes your skin more healthy and beautiful. The course of therapy is within 90 minutes, you will relax, reduce stress and your facial skin is rejuvenated after treatment time by Thermagic Lift technology.





Obvious results after treatment of non-surgical facelift with Thermagic Lift

1Bluring eyes wrinkles, neck, corner of the mouth and forehead.

2Slim and youthful face.

3Healthy and bright white skin.

4Effectively tighten pores.


Toned , smooth and rosy facial skin.


Time and cost

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customer reviews

  • Ms Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung

    Non-surgical Facelift

    Từ sau giai đoạn tiền mãn kinh, da mặt của tôi xuống cấp ghê gớm. Các nếp nhăn thi nhau xuất hiện, Con gái tôi thấy thế nên khuyên tôi đi căng da mặt. Lúc đầu sợ đau và tốn kém nên tôi không chịu, sau biết được công nghệ căng da mặt không phẫu thuật Thermagic Lift tại Bệnh viện thẩm mỹ Ngọc Phú. Tôi quyết định đến đây trải nghiệm dich vụ này. Giờ tôi tự tin lắm, làn da sạch nếp nhăn khiến tôi trẻ trung hơn rất nhiều. 

  • Ms Vu Thi Quy Anh

    Non-surgical Facelift

    Tôi đã từng làm một số dịch vụ làm đẹp tại bệnh viện thẩm mỹ Ngọc Phú và được biết đến phương pháp căng da mặt không phẫu thuật Thermagic Lift. Tôi quyết định căng da, cho đến nay tôi vô cùng hài lòng. Cảm ơn Ngọc Phú đã giúp tôi trẻ lại và thấy thêm yêu cuộc sống hơn.

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