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Sline Rhinoplasty - Beautiful natural high nose

S-line Rhinoplasty is a solution bringing perfect beauty for your nose shape harmonious with the face. The nose will look beautiful from all angles and maintain forever. You can experience the latest Sline Rhinoplasty technology in 2020 at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, which is painless, with minimal swelling.

Why ?

you should choose s-line rhinoplasty

1 The beautiful high nose that you desired

Sline nose lift by Korean technique will help you get that high beautiful nose that is also in harmony with your facial structure. The nose has the line of a soft letters with a high nasal brigde, slimmer nose tip and smaller nostrils.

2 Safer and with minimal scars.

Sline Rhinoplasty is performed with gentle surgical technique all inside the nasal cavity. Therefore, the surgery does not leave any scar outside at all. S-line Rhinoplasty technique uses a combination of artificial cartilage and your own cartilage so it is more compatable with your body. This new technique ensures that there won't be case of the shiny red nose or the nose implant shouring through ... Therefore, the nose always look soft, natural and maximum safety.

3 Less downtime.

A new development in S-line Rhinoplasty technique is painless and minimal swollen. Therefore, after surgery, clients can go home immediately and do normal activities.

4 Beautiful nose can be permanently maintained. 

Sline Rhinoplasty is not only appreciated for its aesthetic effect but also be chosen much because it helps maintain beautiful nose permanently after only 1 surgery.

Who? should apply s-line rhinoplasty?

1 Who have  snub nose

2 Nose after lifted but not achieved the desired result.

3 Clients who want to overcome the defects of the nose comprehensively .

Ngoc phu Aesthetic hospital

prestigious address for s-line rhinoplasty

Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital always takes the lead in applying advanced Korean techniques in plastic surgery for Vietnamese people. With a team of surgeons with more than 25 years of experience in the field of plastic surgery, we are commited to bring the perfect Sline nose. When you come to Ngoc Phu Hospital, you will experience the friendliest and most caring environment in beauty care.
Along with our modern aesthetic care facility and equipment.

procedure of s-line rhinoplasty

1  Consultation and examination for clients

The surgeon wil examine the patient and discuss with the patient which rhinoplasty method is the most appropriate and effective to achieve the desired result..

2 Drawing new nose shape

Our surgeons will measure and draw your new nose shape to ensure the most suitable nose for your facial structure.

3 Local anesthesia

Before the surgery, the area around the nose and the ear area where the cartilage is to be removed will be sterilized and numb with a local anesthesia. Therefore, the surgical procedure will be completely painless.

4 Perform S-line Rhinoplasty

Your surgeon will gently take some cartilage from the ear and combine it with artificial cartilage to place it through the cavity of the nostril precisely. Subsequently, the incisions will be closed by tiny sutures inside the nose.



- Beautiful and natural nose shape
- Suitable with the face.
- Maintain permanently.


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