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Vline Chin Augmentation Surgery

Now everybody can own naturally beautiful V-shaped chin after only very short time by applying Vline Chin Augmentation technique in Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital. This is a beautifying method which is most preferred today to bring the charm to women, effectively overcome the shortcomings of chin such as short chin. In addition, this advanced technique is quickly and safely done without pain, scars, convalescence time. Therefore, you can quickly return to work.

đặt cằm vline gương mặt thêm xin tại bệnh viện thẩm mỹ Ngọc Phú

why ?

you should apply vline chin implant

Vline chin implant is a technique which helps put implants into the chin through the lower lip mucosa and fix them to form a harmonious and balanced V-shape chin with the face. Our doctor will make a very small incision in the mucosa of lower lip and close it by tiny sutures so the achieved result will be natural beautiful without scar. 

We use implants directly imported from Korea so they have a very high degree of compatibility with the body, no rejection occurs so beautiful result will maintain permanently, this is a huge advantage of chin implant technique by Korean technology.

1Create perfect Vline chin

Implants are deptly placed inside the chin to help make natural beautiful shape which is harmonious with your face. We will help you correct your short chin, receding chin effectively.

2Perform simply and quickly

This technique is simple, quick. Furthermore, with short recovery time, it will not take much of your time.

3Absolutely safe technique

V Line Chin Implant at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is performed by professional doctors with safe implants. Therfore, we ensure that your chin will be beautiful without any damage.

4The result will maintain permanently

AI? should apply vline chin implant

1Short chin, receding chin

2Who have already applied chin implant but did not get the desired result.

3Apply for both men and women who desire to own Vline chin shape

Ngoc phu aesthetic hospital

The best place for chin implant at present

Finding a prestigious address to apply Vline chin implant is an essential need of everyone. Therefore, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital always stay ahead in transferring the most advanced technology from Korea to bring the best quality of service to all clients.

Along with a team of leading doctors in the field of plastic surgery, Vline chin implant at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital fully meet the safety requirements in order to bring long-term result with our criteria :...

Advanced technology: V Line chin implant is the latest and the most modern Korean technology today to bring to you the best results.

The best quality: Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital commits to bring to you the best treatments from before, during and after surgery.

Safer: beautiful result of V Line Chin Implant will be stably maintained with the safety forever.

When you come to Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, you will feel our professional style in services, treatments, customer care in order to bring the best result. Therefore, we always satisfy our clients.


V Line chin is gradually becoming a choice of many women, because it helps enhance the beauty of the face effectively. Process:

1Consultation and examination 

You will be examined about the current chin shape and analyze its characteristics to advise the most appropriate method.

2Measure and draw new chin shape

Your doctor will measure and draw new chin shape so that it's harmonious with your face and to adjust the  implants.

3Local anesthesia

Your chin area will be given a local anesthesia to ensure that during surgery, you will be completely painless.

4Perform surgery

In this surgery, our surgeon makes a small incision and gently put implants into the lower lip mucosa. Therefore, after surgery there are absolutely no scars.



- Perfect chin which is beautiful with clear V-shape
- Thoroughly correct defects of your chin.
- Result is permanently stable.
- Absolutely no complication.
- Natural beautiful chin without scar.

Đặt cằm Vline-1

Đặt cằm Vline-2

Time and cost

treatment price ( VND ) Time (MINUTE)
VLine Chin Implant 1000 45
Korean Chin Implant for men 1100 45
Chim Implant (Recorrection) 1100-1250 60


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