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Cheekbone Reduction

As women, high cheekbones will significantly impacts your beauty because it makes yourface become rough, lack of harmonization and unfeminine. Furthermore, women with high cheekbones often have bad destiny. Therefore, in order to change your outlook and destiny, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital successfully applied cheekbone reduction method by Korean technology which helps face be slimmer and brings the feminine beauty for you.

Why ?

you should apply lower high cheekbone by korean technology

In common concept of Asian people, women with high cheekbones do not have good destiny and their faces are not gentle and kind. By this technique, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital will help women own beautiful face with harmonious, feminine and graceful contours.
Lowering high cheekbone by Korean technique helps reduce zycomatic bone of your cheek and lower it as  previous measurement to create a harmonious balance for your face. Furthermore, this technique is completely done in the oral cavity so we ensure that scars are hidden as invisible. In addition, we can commit 100% safety for you because this surgery is done at a plastic surgery hospital.
Lowering cheekbone technique at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is performed by endoscopic equipments as ultrasonic bone cutter, which helps lower your cheekbones accurately and bring perfect result as you desired.

1Balanced, harmonious, natural face 

Lowering high cheekbone technique helps your face become fuller and younger. Your face will no long have rough lines because your cheekbone after adjusted will be balanced and harmonious with your face. As a result, we will give you the most natural beauty.

2 Safer 

Before surgery, our doctor will take a photo of your cheekbones by our modern camera, from which he will pinpoint the part of cheekbones which need to be lowered in order to create the most balanced beauty for your face.

3 Scars are hidden as invisible 

This surgery is done inside your mouth so there is no scar outside to ensure the perfect beauty. During the surgery, you will recieve a local anesthesia with a sedation so that you will not feel any pain. Furthermore, the gentle technique of our surgeons will quickly bring perfect beauty to your face.

4 Maintain beautiful result permanently

This technique will directly impact on your cheekbones, completely reduce the high part, from which give you permanent result.

who? should apply lowering cheekbone

1 Who have high cheekbone and rough face

2 Who want to own balanced, harmonious face

3 Apply for both men and women

ngoc phu aesthetic hospital

The best place for cheekbone reduction 

With the system of high-tech and modern equipments, and a team of doctors who have over 25 years of experience at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, we will help women quickly own elegant and natural beautiful face as desired. In addition, with superior strength of the latest Korean technologies in beauty enhancement, we are considered as the best choice for ladies who have the demand to lower their cheekbones.
Cheekbone reduction at Hospital Ngoc Phu is done in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Health, we will bring to you a slim and harmonious face. You will be convinced by our equipment system, infrastructure facilities and professional working style, our nursing staffs will serve you with all their heart. Particularly, postoperative patients can rest in our system of high-end hotel rooms, and be served food for free. Therefore, with perfect health care, we ensure to satisfy all clients.


At Ngoc Phu Hospital, Cheekbone reduction surgery is performed by a team of surgeons with over 25 years of experience. We ensure that this procedure is absolutely safe according to the standard of the Ministry of Health.

1 Consultation and examination 

2 General health check 

3 Anesthesia with a sedation

Our doctor will give you an anesthesia with a sedation to ensure that you will feel comfortable, gentle and absolutely painless.

4 Perform cheekbone reduction

Our surgeon uses ultrasound bone cutter to lower your cheekbones which have been identified before and to help your face be harmonious and balanced.

5 Close incision by tiny suture

Bác sĩ tiến hành đóng kín vết mổ bằng chỉ khâu thẩm mỹ, băng ép và kết thúc quá trình phẫu thuật.

Video hạ gò má cao


- Harmonious and balanced face.
- Thoroughly correct face with high and rough cheekbones.
- Maintain the natural beauty.

Afer cheekbone reduction surgery

After cheekbone reduction and chin implant 



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