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Eyelid Surgery For Men

Technique of Korean eyelid surgery is not only for women. Therefore, men more and more come to apply eyelid surgery to own big round double eyelid. This beautifying technology helps completely overcome condition of the eyes such as eyelids have much excess fat and skin. In addition, it also helps create new eyelid folds which are better and equal after only 30 minutes.

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why ?

should you apply double eyelid surgery?

1Natural double eyelids with clear folds

Technique of Korean double eyelid surgery for men help measure, draw and create slim folds which are clear and natural. It aslo helps client own big round eye but absolutely does not leave any traces of cosmetic surgery like previous methods.

2Solution for youthful face

Eyelid surgery is the most optimal solution to help create new eyelid folds, help your eyes become big round and your face become younger. Excess skin and fat in the eyes is the cause which makes the eyes look smaller, face look tired and unyoungful. Therefore, eyelid surgery will quickly and thoroughly solve this situation.

3Absolutely safe for the eyes

Korean double eyelid for men only affects the eyelid skin with gentle peeling technique of surgeon so it ensures absolute safety without pain.

4Maintain long-lasting double eye lids

When our surgeon performs double-eyelid surgery, loose skin and excess fat in the eyelids will also be completely removed and create new eyelids. Therefore, after surgery, long-term result of double eyelid will be stably maintained.

who? should apply double eyelid surgery

1Single eyelids

2Eyelids in both sides are unequal  

3Eyes have loose skin and excess fat

ngoc phu aesthetic hospital

prestigious address for

eyelid surgery for men

Korean technique of double eyelid surgery for men has become the first choice of men at present to own nice eyes and become more youthful and manlier. Result of eyelid surgery at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital will always be perfect because exquisite aesthetic eye of the surgeon during the process of measuring and drawing new eyelids, help create double eyelids but still maintain natural and strong handsomeness.
Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is the convergence of surgeons with over 25 years of experience in the field of plastic surgery and with system of modern facilities, equipments will give clients result as expected. The process of surgery is standardized, professional with enthusiastic and attentive service which will always satisfy every clients.


1Examination and consultation

Surgeon will examine current condition, determine the status of the eyelid of clients, from which he will advise the most appropriate method.

2Measure and draw new eyelids

Depending on the condition of the eyelids and face, from which surgeon will measure and draw the most appropriate new eyelids  with the face, ensuring handsomeness and youthful, manly face.

3Anesthesia with a sedation

The eye area will be cleaned and given an anesthesia with a sedation so when surgeons perform eyelid surgery, clients will absolutely not feel any pain or discomfort.

4Perform eyelid surgery 

Surgeon will gently separate and remove loose skin, excess fat in the eyelids and create new eyelid folds which were determined before by a tiny incision in the eyelids. Finally, he will close incisions with aesthetic sutures.









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