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Chin Implant For Men

As society develops, we can clearly feel the change, beauty enhancement is no longer a private issue of women, but men also need to take care of themselves more. Because your appearance creates more opportunities in work and life. Catching the needs of men, Chin Implant for manly face was born, in order to overcome the defects of the jaw, help bring more handsome and manlier face for men.

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why ?

you should apply chin implant for men

Commonly men's face is bigger than women's. With women, slim face and small chin is considered as girly. On the other hand, men just need to shape the face to be slim and not too sharp but still ensure the strong facial features.
Chin Implant creates basic manly face which is not different much from the methods applied to women, just different about how to shape the face to be appropriate with men. The issues about face which is too big or too coarse, chin implant method is the best solution to help soften the face. Chin Implant for men can be done by place implant material to help the chin become longer or performed by injecting filler for chin.

1 Correct retreating chin, short chin after only 30 minutes

Our surgeon will measure implant material to help correct defects of your chin shape in the most effective way. Only 30 minutes after performing surgery, face becomes more harmonious, balanced and manlier.

2 Safer 

Implant materials are directly imported from Korea so when performing, chin implant will ensure absolute safety for our clients, maintain beautiful results permanently. The elimination of implant will totally not happen and you will not feel discomfort after chin implant.

3 Minimal scar

In Korean technique of chin implant, our surgeon will make a small incision in the lower lip mucosa in the mouth. Therefore, after chin implant, it will absolutely not reveal traces of plastic surgery, create natural beautiful chin shape.

4 Painless and minimal scar

In chin implant surgery, your chin area will be anesthetized and surgeon will perform through a small incision in the mucosa inside the lower lip so the surgery is very gentle, completely painless. After chin implant is completed, you can go home and do normal activities without downtime.

who? should apply chin implant

1Who have short, retreating chin or chin which is not clear because it is hiden by muscle or flesh

2 Who have face with square bone structure which makes the face become square and rough

3 Men who want to own slim face and slim chin.

ngoc phu aesthetic hospital

prestigious address for

korean male chin implant

Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital always updates the latest beautifying technology from South Korea in the beauty treatments, beside beauty treatments for women, there are also ones for men, including service Korean chin implant for men. A beauty enhancement method for men to overcome defects of chin in the most effective way, helping face be manlier and stronger.
When you come to Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, you will be directly consulted and examined by our experienced surgeons in the field of plastic surgery. Until now, our hospital is known as a prestigious address for beauty enhancement, always at the forefront in applying the latest technology in beauty treatments. Our clients completely feel secure about result when our surgeons perform surgery, you will quickly get handsome Vline face which is manly, elegant and attractive.


1 Consultation and examination

Your chin area will be examined, from which our surgeon will choose the method to correct chin shape to be perfect.

2 Adjust the material of Chin Implant 

Depending on current shape of your chin, the surgeon will adjust the implant to be the most appropriate with your face, create chin shape which is harmonious, balanced with the face.

3 Local Anesthesia

Chin area will be cleaned and given a local anesthesia. Therefore, when the surgery is performed, you will feel completely painless.

4 Perform chin implant 

Our surgeon will perform Chin Implant through a small incision in the lower lip mucosa inside the mouth to place the implant. Because incision will be made in the lip mucosa so after the suregery is done, scars will be minimal.


Client after chin implant and lower the high cheekbones.

Client after correting long lower chin.

Time and cost

treatment price (USD) Time (minute)
Korean Chin Implant for women 1000 45
Korean Chin Implant for men 1100 45
Chin Recorrection 1100-1250 60

*Dollar exchange rate in the above price list : $ 1 = 20000 VND

(Price of Surgeries and Treatments will change according to the current dollar price)

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