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Male Rhinoplasty

The defects of the nose will make the male face lose manliness and handsomeness. The male nose is considered to be nice when it has slim shape from its root to tip, with straight nasal bridge and high tip. To overcome the defects of the nose, men have to apply male rhinoplasty, this is a beauty treatment help your nose become perfect and your face be stronger.

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should you apply male rhinoplasty

Aesthetic technology was born and developed to meet the needs of people which is increasing. At Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, rhinoplasty technique is applied for all types of clients, whether they are male or female, doctor will help you choose the method to improve the nose with perfect shape.
Male nose often has some common features such as:
- Wide nasal bridge and often has dorsal hump
- Nasal tip is big, wide with nasal bone is wide
- Wide Nostrils
- The skin of male nose is thick and vascular development more than female.
Because of those above characteristics, rhinoplasty for men will be somewhat more complex than women. Rhinoplasty for men must ensure the criterias of nose as high, nice and harmonious with the overall face but it must be manly and strong.

1Rhinoplasty for men with perfect beauty

Rhinoplasty technique was learned and directly transfered from South Korea, combine rhinoplasty and nose shape correction from nasal tip, nasal bridge and septum. It helps bring high nose shape and natural beauty to clients.

2No trace of cosmetic surgery

The manipulations of the doctor is meticulously and carefully done. The incision with very small size is closed by aesthetic sutures so there will be absolutely no scar and no trace of cosmetic surgery.

3Absolutely safe

The rhinoplasty methods using implant material as autologous cartilage give very natural nose shape. Autologous cartilage is completely compatible with the body and does not cause any elimination, complication after surgery and ensure absolute safety for our clients.

4Performing quickly and saving time

Performing rhinoplasty at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is just 45-60 minutes, help you quickly own natural and beautiful nose and maintain permanent result.

who? should apply rhinoplasty

1Who have short and snub nasal bridge

2Whose tip has already corrected but did not achieve the desired results

3Men who want to own a high,  straight nose with natural beauty.

ngoc phu aesthetic hospital

top address for male rhinoplasty today

Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is proud to be a safe and prestigious place, always be a pioneer in applying new technologies in beauty treatments. Therefore, our hospital is always trusted and become address of the most successful male rhinoplasty surgery today. We always commit to provide clients perfect beauty results and help men be more handsome and elegant.
Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is the convergence of doctors with over 25 years of experience and with the support of modern equipments system will bring perfect result of rhinoplasty.  Implant material are directly imported from Korea to ensure absolute safety and maintain permanent beautiful result for clients only after 1 time. With professional service, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital deserves to be a top prestigious place for male rhinoplasty today.


1Examination and consultation

Doctors consider the condition of your nose and advise client about size, the height of the nose in order to be the most harmonious with the face.

2Local anesthesia

After identifying new nose shape, you'll be taken to the operating room and given a anesthetic.

3Perform surgery

Our doctors will make a small incision, then make a space and put implant material inside. The other manipulations are meticulously and carefully done, the doctor will not touch the blood vessels so the surgery will be very safe.

4Close the incision

Then the doctor will close the incision by tiny sutures to get the beauty as desired.


- High nasal bridge with natural slope.
- Natural beautiful nose shape without traces of cosmetic surgery.
- New nose which is harmonious with the other parts of the face.
- Do not need much convalescence time.

Time and cost

treatment price (USD) Time (minute)
Korean Rhinoplasty 600 30
Korean Rhinoplasty Cartilage Graft  1350 45
Sline Rhinoplasty 1600 60
Sline Rhinoplasty and shaping 2100 60
Nose Reshaping 1350-1600 60
Alar Reduction 400 30

*Dollar exchange rate in the above price list : $ 1 = 20000 VND

(Price of Surgeries and Treatments will change according to the current dollar price)



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