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Korean standard treatments with Professor - Doctor Lee Jung Hoon

You no longer have to spend much time, money and effort in to come to Korea to apply surgeries with expensive fees. Now you can apply the most advanced technology of South Korea right in Vietnam, when visiting Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, you will be directly consulted by doctor Lee Jung Hoon who is one of the best Korean aesthetic enhancement experts. He will help you own naturally beautiful contours which help highlight the delicate features of each individual person.

With the desire to develop beauty industry in Vietnam, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital has constantly updated the Korean leading technologies to apply for Vietnamese. Korea is a pioneer in Asean beauty industry because Korean people have general defects such as snub nose, single eyelids, square chin ... Therefore, Korean aesthetic enhancement technology has always been invested and developed. Korean aesthetic enhancement technology not only helps bring natural beauty, but also ensure the safety of clients. It brings long-term and stable effect to overcome all the disadvantages of other common aesthetic enhancement methods.

Proud to be Hospital with plastic surgery as specialty with No.1 Korean aesthetic enhancement technology, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is becoming increasingly interested and appreciated as well as creating a solid position in clients' heart because of experienced doctors, beauty treatments with good quality, and professional style. Beside a team of doctors in Vietnam, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital also has the partnership of Professor, Dr. Lee Jung Hoon - Professor of Plastic surgery in Kosin University in Korea.

About Professor,  Dr. Lee Jung Hoon
Dean of Department of plastic surgery at JEJU National University Hospital .
Professor of Plastic Surgery at Kosin University in Korea.
Now he is Director of Institute of plastic surgery NU-Seoul in Korea.


The process of research students
Training PhD at Erasmus University Hospital, Netherlands (두개 성형)
Training PhD at Gent University Hospital, Belgium (with Breast Augmentation as specialty)
Training PhD at Wien University Hospital, Austria (Specialized in paralytic in nerve of one side of the face).
Training Doctor at Hospital Tubingen, Germany (수부 성형).
Training PhD at NY- American Hospital (Specialized in facial malformations).

Professor, Dr. Lee Jung Hoon - Top Surgeon in Korea who successfully performed surgeries such as sline rhinoplasty, vline chin implant, eyelid surgery ... for a lot of movie actors, famous Korean models. This country has the most advanced plastic surgery industry in Asia. Now, you do not need to visit the  country of kimchi, just come to Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, you'll have the opportunity to be consulted, directly examined and performed surgery by Professor, Doctor Lee Jung Hoon, a top Korean doctor, in order to own such exquisite beauty as Korean stars which you used to dream.

Korean S-line Rhinoplasty

S Line Rhinoplasty is one of beauty treatments for the nose which is the most popular today, to help create  appropriate nose shape with overall face, with naturally soft S-shaped curvature from forehead to nasal tip. Materials used in Sline rhinoplasty is autologous cartilage from the ear or septum cartilage so they have full compatibility with the body and does not cause unwanted complications. Sline rhinoplasty can help  comprehensively correct nose shape such as heighten nasal brigde, reduce nasal tip, reduce alar ... to help create the perfect nose. Particularly, technology of Sline Rhinoplasty is quickly, gently done and bring stable long-term result.

Korean Vline Chin Implant

V-Line Chin Implant Technique helps create V-shaped face properly, a new standard of young people today, pointed chin combined with slim face is a new trend which many people choose. Vline chin implant converge multiple advantages, help bring comprehensive aesthetic results to create the perfect facial contours and natural beauty. Comparing with the previous methods, Vline chin implant brings very high  effect completely with minimal traces of plastic surgery, minimal swelling and pain so clients can continue to work after surgery without recovery time.

Korean double eyelid surgery

Double eyelid is considered as beauty trends of numerous women today. Technique of double eyelid surgery help create clear permanent folds as congenital double eyelid. With the advantages of creating double eyelid quickly, without pain or recovery, help your eyes become big, round and sparkling. Therefore, double eyelid surgery by Korean technology is a new trend which is not only popular around young people, but also chosen by many singers, models, actors to help improve beauty comprehensively.

Super beautiful cleavage by cleavage determinant in breast augmentation 

Technique of Cleavage Determinant in Breast Augmentation will bring to women super beautiful breasts as desired. Incision is very small inside the armpit so we ensure that it is non-invasive to the surrounding breast tissue. The procedure of surgery is performed by using endoscopic equipments so doctor will incise breast cavity very meticulously, carefully, gently and accurately. Breast implants will be put in the position which was peeled to make a change in the breast size. Breast augmentation combined with exclusive cleavage determinant technique at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital will help create super standard cleavage for beautiful and seductive breast shape as desired.

With standard of safe plastic surgery, doctors at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital perform surgical procedures in accordance with standards of the Ministry of Health in the absolutely steriled operating room system. Using modern equipments, all plastic surgeries at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital will always satisfy our clients.

If you're feeling unconfident because there are imperfections on the face, please come to Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, experienced Vietnamese - Korean doctors will help you get rid of barriers in appearance to own natural beauty, make you become more confident and successful. Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital also partners with Professor, Dr. Lee Jung Hoon - who is licenced by the Ministry of Health in Vietnam to operate, to bring the Korean superior technologies to perform for Vietnamese . Therefore, even in Vietnam, you can completely enjoy the best beauty services from Korea without taking too much time, effort and cost. Coming to Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, clients will experience top aesthetic technology, modern infrastructure, equipments and experienced doctors with professional style.

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