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3D Skin Whitening Therapy

3D skin whitening technology is a perfect method to help provide nutritions for skin cells, reduce sebum and tighten pores effectively. Besides, this method also increase collagen and elastin for the skin, help skin become smooth, bright, rosy and youthful. This is a perfect therapy for skin only in Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital.

Why ?

3d skin whitening are chosen by a lot of women

Rosy white skin is what everyone wishes to own, this is considered as a huge plus for women. With the desire to bring to you bright white and impecable skin, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital always pioneers in updating the most modern whitening treatments today in beautifying. In which, the most prominent one is   new technology of 3D skin whitening.

1 This technology will improve significantly, no side effects, quickly, saving time.

2 You will own white skin immediately after the first treatment.

3 Not cause yellow hair, exfoliating or sunburn.

4 Support treat skin diseases.

WHo? are suitable for 3d skin whitening therapy


1 Natural dark skin or due to sunburn.

2 Rough, sloughed skin or lack of moisture

3 Skin with unequable color, inflamed pores.

4 Thin and weak skin which reveal green veins.

ngoc phu aesthetic hospital


Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital always is the forefront address of new technologies in whitening skin safely and effectively. New technology of 3D whitening therapy will help you quickly perfect your beauty. The white and rosy skin help women improve their face, help you be more confident and gain more success in work and life.

With comprehensive beauty criteria, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital will always focus on investment of equipment and modern facilities, luxurious space. That will offer clients the most wonderful feeling and experience with perfect facial care therapy, help maintain youthful and beautiful skin. 

THE PROCEdure of 3D skin Whitening


1 Step 1: Clean the surface of the skin, remove dirt and dead skin cells, help clean pores .

2 Step 2: Cover with skin care mask in order to limit the growth of melanin pigment, prevent oxidation and enhance ability of sunproof


3 Step 3: Apply essences to restore skin in 30 minutes, make the skin be bright and smooth, help skin produce collagen and growing new cells fast to replace old cells.


4 Step 4: Apply super white 3D light to help dilate pores and push the essences deeply into the skin,  inhibit melanin production, make the skin become bright and rosy from the inside.


5 Step 5: Apply the lotion and sunscreen for smooth bright skin and better protection.




1White and smooth skin with homogeneous color.

2Blur bruise, melasma, sunburn.

3Inhibit the production of melanin which causes dark skin.

4Support slowing down the aging process of the skin.

5Strengthen skin protection from the sun and the skin is better protected.

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