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Effective Warts Treatment

Ruddy and youthful facial skin would contribute to confidence in communication. However, if unfortunately, somewhere in your face appears warts, this would be a substantial problem because it takes away the aesthetics of the face. To overcome unwanted warts, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital had effective wart treatment by Laser CO2 Fractional technology.

why ?

should you apply LASER CO2 FRACTIONAL

Effective Wart Treatment with Laser CO2 Fractional technology is the combination of laser and differential technology to help treat wart thoroughly, safely and rapidly without scars.

1 The safe method of wart treatment 

Fractional CO2 Laser technology is censored by FDA, ensuring the safety during treatment.


2 Remove wart effectively

Fractional CO2 laser is capable of positioning wart accurately, these rays have the ability to go deep into the epidermis and the connective tissue to help eradicate the causes of pterygium.

3 Regenerating the skin and not leaving scars

Wavelength which Laser CO2 Fractional uses is 10.600nm, stimulate cells to grow and regenerate collagen in order to fill dents and help skin recover without scars.


4Not taking convalescene time

After treatment, clients can go home without convalescense time.

who? should apply

laser co2 fractional technology

1Who have warts, milia

2 Who have applied other methods but did not achieve desired result.

ngoc phu aesthetic hospital

the most prestigious address

for wart treatment today

  Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is not only known as a hospital specialized in cosmetic surgery today, but also be known by the majority of clients  as prestigious address of skin care and treatment. We are proud to be the pioneer in applying high technology in the treatment therapy and beautifying, especially wart treatments by Laser CO2 Fractional technology. This new technology has become the best choice for clients in wart treatment.

When you come to Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, you will be directly examined and treated by experienced doctors, who will give you the desired results of treatment, quickly dispel wart condition and return spotless smooth skin. Effective Wart Treatments by Laser CO2 Fractional technology was introduced, which will help you no longer have to worry about the condition of wart on your body. This new technology is chosen by a lot of clients because of its thorough effect without pain. Modern technology with a team of skin specialists gave clients the most optimal results.

procedure of wart treatment

People who have warts, whether in serious or light level can apply wart treatment by Laser CO2 Fractional and can apply for both men and women. Wart treatment process in Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital through 5 steps :

1Examination and consultation

Your skin will be carefully checked to determine exactly the condition of wart and treat condition of wart accurately to achieve the highest result.


2 Clean skin areas needed to be treated

Clients will be removed their make-up, taken skin cleansing and facial massage to enhance absorption of wavelengths during treatment.

3Anesthetize skin area which need to be applied wart treatment

The skin which needs to be treated will take local anesthesia for the treatment, will not cause any pain or discomfort .


4Treat wart by Laser CO2 Fractional technology

Depending on specific cases and condition of warts, we will have different wavelengths to burn core of wart and prevent them from reappearing

5 Apply cream to help regenerate skin

After removing wart, clients will be applied lotion to help regenerate the skin and soothe, stimulate skin regeneration so that the treatment can achieve high results, for beautiful skin.



1Remove wart effectively

2Not hurting your skin

3No scars or bruises

4White, bright and smooth facial skin

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