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Freckle Removal by Elight Laser

Elight Laser technology is considered as the most effective and advanced blackhead treatment today. It has been applied in many countries around the world and will bring to cusomers the optimal efficiency. Elight Laser technology help completely remove black head without damaging the skin, pain or adverse effects.

why ?

you should apply Freckle Removal by Elight Laser

Freckles are dark pigmented spots on the facial skin. Although they do not affect your health but it makes women lose the natural beauty of the skin and self-confidence. Freckle treatment by high technology - Elight Laser is considered a breakthrough improvement in skin treatment. This helps remove freckles and enhance your skin quickly after only one treatment.
Freckles are caused by the development of melanin pigment on the skin. The initial manifestation of freckles are brown spots or suntan and increase of melanin in skin cells. Women who have white and thin skin and are often very vulnerable situation freckles. Therefore, to help treat freckles and most effective way to overcome all the disadvantages of the previous traditional methods, Elight Laser technology is considered as the most optimal solution, very safe for the skin and you can feel the result quickly.


1Effectively remove 95% of freckles

Elight Laser light technology with the resonance of RF electromagnetic waves and optical energy to help create a large heat which can affect deeply inside the skin layers. As a result, it effectively removes more than 95% of the causes of freckles and bring the beauty as you wish.

2 Long-term result

Laser light energy impact deeply on the dermis, epidermis and shallow layer on the surface of the skin to remove pigment granules and eradicate freckles as well as freckle forming agents so that they do not have opportunity to reappear. Therefore, the result will maintain for long time.

3 No burning pain, safe for your skin

You will feel comfortable during treatment with Elight Laser technology. Laser light is projected onto the skin area which need to be treated by the appropriate wavelength to remove freckles without invasiveness, or damages. Therefore, there is absolutely no scar or bruise left after treatment.

4Natural white skin after 1 treatment

Modern Elight Laser Technology with large heat source not only helps treat freckles but also helps the skin becomes tighter and smoother after treatment. Furthermore, this also tighten pores effectively.

who? Freckle Removal

1 Women have freckles when they step into middle age or pregnancy

2 Who have freckles due to sun damage or cosmetic allergies

3 Who have applied the previous freckle treatments but did not achieve the result as you wish.

4 People with congenital freckles.

ngoc phu aesthetic hospital

the best address for freckle treatment

Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is always the address which clients mention first in treating freckles completely. We always meet the criteria that customers expect: good and experienced doctors, apply  modern technology and equipments ... Therefore, the results we bring to our clients are the best.

 Besides, we constantly applies high-tech in the treatments for our clients, especially the advanced technology from Korea. In particular, we always focus on the modern equipments in freckle removal treatment for all clients. Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital - a prestigious addresses for beauty enhancement  for women.


Freckle removal by Elight Laser technology is the simplest method which is performed according to standard procedures within 45 minutes. We ensure the beautiful result which is safe for your skin. Procedures include:

1 Consultation and examination

Before treatment, our dermatologists will check your skin and analyse freckles status analysis to whether the most appropriate course of treatment.

2 Cleanse your skin

Our expert will clean your facical skin and rid skin of dead cells, help the treatment process be more effective.

3 Anesthesia

Before we carry out the treatment, your facial skin will be given an anesthetic to make you feel comfortable.


4 Remove freckles

Depending on your skin type and status of freckles, our experts will adjust the appropriate wavelength for laser to remove freckles but still ensure the safety for the skin.

5 Put lotion on your skin

After the treatment, the skin surface is put a layer of lotion which help relax your skin and regenerate natural smooth and bright skin .



1Remove 95% of freckles on the skin.

2Natural and whiter skin, more youthful face.

3Not waste time for skin care after treatment

4Freckles are quickly removed.


Time and cost

treatment Price ( USD ) Time ( MINUTE )
Freckle Removal 380 USD/ time 60

*US. Dollar exchange rate in the above price list : $ 1 = 20000 VND

(Price of Surgeries and Treatment will change according to the current dollar price)

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