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Melasma Treatment By High Technology of Elight Laser

Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital has applied technology of Elight Laser which helps treat melasma effectively, gently, quickly and safely. In addition, it helps thoroughly remove melasma, return to women smooth and youthful skin. With technology of Melasma treatment by Elight Laser in Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, this technology is favored by a lot of women today, it will also help you no longer have to worry about melasma.

Why ?

Should you choose effective melasma treatment

by high technology of elight laser 


Melasma is small red spots which offen appear in the cheeks, nose or forehead, making the face lose the aestheticism. Melasma is very difficult to be completely treated. They can be caused by genetic or hormonal disorder in the body, emotional disorder, stress ... the melanin pigments suddenly increase on the skin and be pushed into the epithelium, causing the dark spots on the skin. In addition, there are other factors can also cause melasma such as the sun, using cosmetic, wrong diet ...
To meet the need for beauty of women, experts have researched and successfully applied in melasma treatment by technology of Elight Laser. This technique treats melasma safely and efficiency, help regenerate skin and bring to you rosy white skin.


Elight Laser technology is the breakthrough improvement, help overcome the limitations of previous methods. The light of Elight laser is combined with RF energy to help control energy better during treatment. RF waves help tighten skin, regenerate collagen and elastin to increase skin elasticity. Therefore, after the treatment, your facial skin will be rosy and effectively rejuvenated.
The light of Elight has the effect to absorb and generate heat in the dermis and epidermis, helps erase melasma without damaging skin. The pigments in the corner of melasma will be controlled and totally disabled. Thus, Elight Laser ray help effectively treat melasma, achieve good results without recurrence chance.


1 Treat melasma effectively

Elight Technology help treat melasma thoroughly, combined with RF waves help remove freckles without damaging skin or recurrence.


2 Safe and painless 

That amount of energy is adjusted with suitable wavelength to absorb pigments which cause melasma, help eliminate melasma but still be very safe for the skin without causing pain or irritation.

3 Help the skin be smooth and firm 

Combining RF wave during treatment to control energy better. Besides, it helps regenerate collagen and elastin to improve skin elasticity. After treatment, the skin will be smoother.


4 Not take to much convalestine time

After treating skin, clients simply need to follow the care regime of doctors and can go home right after the treatment is finished. This a method help maximize time saving for clients.

Who? should apply melasma treatment?

1 In case of melasma on facial skin

2 Treatment for both men and women

3 Who was treated melasma by other methods but did not achieve desired result.

ngoc phu aesthetic hospital

address for effective melasma treatment

Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is an prestigious address with advanced treatment technologies today in order to give clients the most optimal aesthetic results. Light Technology of Elight Laser for melasma treatment is one of the successful applications in Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital which has been treat melasma for clients without recurrence.

 Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital with a team of doctors who have high professional qualifications will help treat melasma for each specific client. In addition, with safe standard process, this method help you save time and money, give satisfied results as desired.

procedure of melasma treatment

1 Examination and consultation

Depending on your skin condition, our experts will determine the status of melasma, from which they will determine the most effective treatment for each client.


2 Clean facial skin

Before performing the treatment of melasma, facial skin will be cleaned to remove dust and dirt in order to support the process of treatment and achieve the best results.

3 Radiate Elight Laser

Depending on the current condition of melasma, clients will be radiated laser with appropriate wavelength for the skin on the area that need to be treated.


4 Apply lotion after radiating laser

After being radiated laser, your face will be cover with our special lotion of this treatment to soften and make your skin brighter and smoother.



1Remove 95% melasma 

2The skin after whitening treatment and melasma will not relapse again.

3Not damage the skin surrounds during the treatment.


Time and cost

treatment price ( USD ) Time ( minute )
Melasma Treatment 40 60

*US. Dollar exchange rate in the above price list : $ 1 = 20000 VND

( Price of Surgeries and Treatment will change according to the current dollar price)

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