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Pitted Acne & Keloids Scars Treatment

Laser CO2 Fractional technology is a new breakthrough in pitted scars treatment with outstanding advantages like non-surgical, painless, no inside effects and not taking convalestine time. Beside the ability to effectively treat pitted scars, Laser CO2 Fractional technology has the ability to regenerate skin. This technique help you quickly push back the concern about the condition of rough skin and giveyou youthful and smooth skin.

Why ?

should you choose pitted scar treatment

by technology of laser co2 fractional 

Pitted scars are created due to the result of skin damages and the structure of the skin tissue or the connection of collagen network or lack of elastin for a long time. This makes the skin cells in the scarred area can not regenerate to compensate these blanks. Although pitted scars do not affect health, this condition will cause psychological inferiority for customers who will be afraid to communicate or meet people. To effectively remedy the condition of pitted scars , Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital has successfully applied Laser CO2 Fractional technology, helping treat pitted scars effectively.
  Laser CO2 Fractional technology is the perfect combination of CO2 laser and differential technology . When adjusting the wavelength of 10.600nm, it will release extremely small lasers, help influence deeper into the skin's surface, break the link at the scarred skin tissue. Laser CO2 Fractional technology is effective with perennial pitted scars. In addition, this technology also helps regenerate skin effectively, the skin becomes smoother.

1 Top Beauty Technology today

Pitted scars treatment with Laser CO2 Fractional technology is assessed as the current leading technology with the aesthetic result without surgery


2 Result of thorough treatment

After the first treatment with laser CO2 technology, pitted scars will be rapidly reduced, improving more than 80% the condition of scars. This is a wonderful technology to treat pitted scars.

3 Absolutely friendly to the skin

CO2 Laser is absolutely friendly to the skin and does not cause pain or skin irritation. Therefore, during treatment, you will feel comfortable.


4 Not taking time for convalescence 

After applying the treatment for pitted scars with Laser CO2 Fractional technology, customers can go home and do normal activities without losing much time for convalescence.

who? should apply laser co2 fractional


1 Pitted scars which make you lose the beauty.

2 In case who have rough skin, want to remove scars safely and effectively.

3 In case who have already applied pitted scar treatment but not achieve the result as you desired.

Ngoc phu aesthetic hospital

prestigious address

for effective pitted scar treatment

Laser CO2 Fractional technology has brought to life dominances that the traditional methods cannot. With modern technology in Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, we will quickly help you remove the condition of pitted scars fast and safe for the skin, give you youthful face and smooth skin, rosier after applying therapy with Fractional CO2 Laser technology.

  Pitted Scar Treatment with Laser CO2 Fractional technology in Aesthetic Ngoc Phu Hospital will help your skin become flat and smooth without any side effect to the skin. Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is a prestigious aesthetic address in scar treatment technology with a team of top doctors in the field of skin treatment. Modern equipment system maximally supports in treatment, helping customers overcome pitted scars quickly. After a week, you will feel your smooth skin with natural beauty.

PROCESS of pitted scar TREATMENT  

BY co2 Fractional TECHNOLOGY

1 Examination and consultancy.

Customers will be examined the area of pitted scars and evaluated the condition and severity of scars by doctor. Then he will give the most appropriate treatment.


2 Cleaning the skin area which need to be treated pitted scars

After doctor choose appropriate treatment process, customer's skin will be cleaned and sterilized to remove sebum and dead skin cells.

3 Anesthetizing outside the skin

The skin area which needed to be treated will be anesthetized to make you feel comfortable during the process of applying laser for the customer.


4 Adding nutrition for treated skin

The doctor will provide nutrition to make your skin healthier, support process to quickly erase scars.

5 Applying the light of Laser CO2 Fractional 

 Laser CO2 Fractional is directly applied into the skin of pitted scars , helps remove dead cells and old horny layer, creating ventilation to the skin surface. At the same time, help regenerate collagen and produce new skin cells, dispel status pitted scars, skin blankets as desired trade.


6Applying lotion

The skin after treatment will be applied a layer of lotion with soothing effect and support for better skin care.



1Eliminate more than 95% the condition of pitted scars, acnes scar

2Skin after treatment will have beautiful color and be naturally smooth.

3Result of pitted scar treatment will be as you desired.

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