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Skin Rejuvenation By Stem Cells

As women, everyone wants to own bright and smooth skin . However, the inside and outside factors make your skin more and more aging. This process continues and reduces the amount of collagen and elastin of the skin, causing conditions like sagging skin, wrinkles and melasma.... To keep the everlasting beauty of youth for the face, the best method is skin rejuvenation by stem cells, help your skin be tight, smooth and rosy.

why ?

should you choose Skin Rejuvenation WITH STEM CELL

Stem cells are considered as the most effect and modern part in regenerating and anti-aging. Beside transplanting animal cells into skin to treat defects of epidermis or mesoderms such as pitted scars, large pores, uneven skin or skin with wrinkles ... Therefore, using animal cells to support skin recovery process from inside is the superior technology which were applied in advanced countries like Europe and will be developed in Vietnam.

1 Your skin will look smoother after the first treatment

2 Help regenerate aged collagen rapidly

3 No infection and absolutely no side effects.

4 Can be applied to many different  skin areas of the body.

5 Strengthening resistance, help skin become healthier.


who? should apply Skin Rejuvenation

                                                    By Stem Cells


1 Facial skin appears melasma, freckles.

2 Weak skin or skin which get suntan easily.

3 Who desire bright, smooth and healthy skin.

Ngoc phu aesthetic hospital

address of effective skin care

Coming to Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, you will feel the quality service and considerate care. From technology, machines and cosmetic products, everything has been carefully tested and selected with the  best brands from Korea, Germany, America ... Depending on each specific case, our dermatologist will give advice and the best therapy for our clients. The method of skin rejuvenation by stem cells has been  successfully applied for many clients. You will quickly feel the positive changes of your skin and face,. This treatment will give you the perfect youthful face just after the first treatment at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital.

With the successful application of skin rejuvenation therapy with stem cell technology at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital will quickly help you own great smooth skin. Our team of highly trained technician and comfortable space will help you get the gentle relaxation, reduce stress, fatigue and quickly regain youthful skin as desired when applying skin care at Ngoc Phu Hospital.


Method of skin rejuvenation with stem cells is safe, effective and rapidly done in 90 minutes, you will feel the relaxation and more youthful face. This new technology is chosen by a lot of women and achieve the desired results. This procedure includes:

1 Makeup removal and facial cleansing

2 Remove dead skin cells and dirt deep inside pores.

3 Apply skin rejuvenation essence Galvanic over face, help stimulate new cell regeneration, give you new smooth tight skin.

4 Apply Serum to help push essences deep into the skin and nourish the skin effectively

5 Massage facial skin helps the skin absorb the nutrients better

6Mask, helps rejuvenate the skin

Apply lotion to the skin, the skin is better protected.



- Facial skin is smooth, tight and natural beautiful.
- Help tighten pores
- Melasma and freckles fade.
- Strengthen resistance for healthy skin and protect skin better from the harmful effects of the external environment.
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