Liposonix Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

One non-surgical procedure can reduce the waistline by up to 10 cm, it's non-invasive, there's no downtime, etc. These are the outstanding benefits of the Liposonix Non-Surgical Fat Reduction technology used at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital.
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One non-surgical procedure can reduce the waistline by up to 10 cm, it's non-invasive, there's no downtime, etc. These are the outstanding benefits of the Liposonix Non-Surgical Fat Reduction technology used at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital.


What is Liposonix Non-Surgical Fat Reduction technology?

When entering middle age, the body is easy to accumulate excess fat due to an unreasonable diet along with other reasons that make the body lose its slim figure. Therefore, non-surgical belly fat reduction employing Liposonix technology is a superior fat reduction technique because it eliminates extra fat from the root, even in the toughest areas, and prevents it from reaccumulating. This method generates heat by using electromagnetic energy to gradually dissolve excess fat beneath the skin without harming the skin. The extra fat will then gradually depart from the body through sweat or the excretory organs.

  • Quick effect

Liposonix Non-Surgical Fat Reduction technology employs an ultrasonic wave called HIFU. This particular form of concentrated, high-intensity ultrasound can pass through the skin layers, permanently eliminating the fat cells in the target tissue, effectively reducing the fat area and creating a tight, firm waistline.

  • Ensure safety

The drawbacks of conventional non-invasive fat removal techniques like radio frequency waves and lasers are addressed with Liposonix. Only fat tissues are targeted by concentrated ultrasound, which also enables precise control of the energy emitted, protecting the surrounding skin from damage caused by the energy's dissipation.

  • Limit fat accumulation

This method's effects and safety are recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Liposonix permanently eliminates excess abdominal fat without causing damage to the tissues nearby. Tests and scientific proof also found strong evidence that Liposonix treatment does not result in a blood fat increase when fat cells are broken down.


Who are the candidates for Liposonix Non-Surgical Fat Reduction?

  • Individuals who are overweight in the hips, waist, and abdomen.
  • People with normal weight yet still have drooping, loose belly skin.
  • People with a big belly, not proportional to their body.
  • Applicable to both men and women over 18 years old who want to have a slim waist.

  • Examination and consultation

Doctors will conduct an initial examination and consultation specifically on the condition and level of excess fat to determine a suitable treatment regimen.

  • Measure and determine the treatment area

To achieve the highest efficiency, doctors will conduct a thorough measurement to precisely determine the area of excess fat that needs to be treated.

  • Sanitize the treatment area

Following the consultation, specialists will sanitize and disinfect the treatment area.

  • Perform Liposonix Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Specialists will adjust the frequency of ultrasonic waves to suit each customer. The subcutaneous fat layer will be directly impacted by ultrasound waves as they pass through the skin layer. Specialists will apply a moisturizer to the treatment area afterward to promote rapid skin recovery.

  • Instructions for aftercare

Customers will be instructed on how to conduct the aftercare routine at home in order to achieve the best aesthetic outcome.

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  • The maximum effect will be achieved after 3 to 5 treatments.
  • Excess fat is removed without surgery.
  • The skin area treated to remove fat does not have cellulite.

Is Liposonix Non-Surgical Fat Reduction technology safe?

Liposonix Non-Surgical Fat Reduction meets the strictest standards of safety and is trusted by leading cosmetologists. The technology has passed numerous FDA (USA) tests without generating any negative effects. Therefore, customers can be completely assured with this technology.

Does Liposonix Non-Surgical Fat Reduction cause pain?

Many customers confirm that the Liposonix Non-Surgical Fat Reduction procedure feels absolutely painless, and the feeling is similar to rubbing hot oil on the skin. The procedure is quite gentle and comfortable. Customers will receive the treatment 5 to 6 times, with each session lasting around 45 minutes.

How effective is Liposonix Non-Surgical Fat Reduction?

Liposonix technology has proven to have a significant fat reduction effect. From the first treatment, customers can already see a reduction in the abdominal area. Customers will own a flawless body shape after just 1 treatment, with 6 to 10 cm of fat layer reduced after 5 to 6 sessions.


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