4D Collagen Thread Lift

The 4D Collagen Thread Lift is a "specialty" of Korean cosmetic procedures that is well-known throughout the world for its rapid skin tightening and rejuvenation effects immediately following the procedure and long-term maintenance. This technology can rejuvenate the face up to 10 years younger immediately after 45 minutes of treatment and maintain the result for 2 to 5 years with abundant collagen reproduction.
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4D #Collagen Thread Lift is a method of maintaining natural beauty by restoring smooth skin, eliminating wrinkles quickly, and leaving no visible scars. This procedure is not only applicable to elderly people with inelastic skin, but can also be applied to those who want to regenerate youthful facial skin.


How is the 4D Collagen Thread Lift performed?

4D Collagen Thread Lift is a non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedure that employs dissolvable threads below the skin's surface to tighten and lift sagging tissue. The threads may have prongs or small cones that help them better attach onto the skin.

When properly applied, after a short time, physico-chemical reactions will occur in the skin and give the face a firm appearance, particularly around the lower face and curves. The threads activate the body's collagen production after being absorbed, which improves skin firmness for years.

  • The face is rejuvenated spontaneously

Following the 4D Collagen Thread Lift, customers will immediately notice the differences, including lifted facial muscles, wrinkles that are visibly blurred, and skin that is smooth and firm. The effect will be at its best after stimulating the skin's natural ability to regenerate collagen from the third to the sixth month. During this time, customers will appear 5 to 10 years younger. Depending on each person's body type and maintenance routine, the effect lasts between two and five years.

  • Minimize invasiveness and damage

With the 4D Collagen Thread Lift, there is almost no invasiveness, no pain, and no bleeding. Customers don't need to take any time off after the procedure to resume daily activities.

  • Safe and no complications

The German FDA has approved this method as both efficient and safe, ensuring complete safety, no side effects, and no complications. 4D Collagen Thread Lift is a method of facial rejuvenation performed completely without surgery. Doctors will use a small piece of bio-thread to attach to the tissue under the skin to stretch and effectively lift the sagging skin. Since there is no surgery involved, the 4D Collagen Thread Lift has a quick recovery period and does not cause swelling.


Which areas of the body can be rejuvenated with Collagen Thread Lift?

  • Full face and neck skin
  • Upper neck and lower neck
  • The forehead and temples



  • Examination and consultation

Customers' current facial skin condition will be thoroughly examined, from which doctors will advise on the most optimum facelift technique for each customer.

  • General health check

Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital will do a complete health check-up before the 4D Collagen Thread Lift to ensure that customers are in good health to undergo the procedure.

  • Anesthesia 

Generally, the surgical area will be numbed with anesthesia, ensuring a painless procedure.

  • Perform 4D Collagen Thread Lift

The micro-collagen bio-thread will be gently inserted deeply under the skin by doctors without any incision or causing bleeding. Once properly positioned, the threads support the sagging, broken collagen structure, improve microcirculation, increase the layer of granulosa tissue, create lifting pressure with the effect of contracting muscle bundles to slim the face, and remove deep wrinkles quickly.

  • Post-operative care

After the procedure is completed, customers can return home to normal activities. Customers will be guided daily by Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital customer service representatives to achieve the most satisfactory aesthetic outcomes.

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  • Remove wrinkles, generating smooth and youthful facial skin
  • No scars and no complications
  • Facial rejuvenation up to 5 - 10 years old

Is 4D Collagen Thread Lifting safe?

4D Collagen Thread Lift is a non-surgical approach to help rejuvenate the face. The traces on the facial skin are very small, essentially having no impact on the feeling or structure of the skin. This procedure does not result in swelling or edema on the face. The recovery process is also extremely fast and does not require any resting time. Therefore, this is a very safe cosmetic method.

Should customers undergo a 4D Collagen Thread Lift?

An ingenious way to rejuvenate the face is with the 4D Collagen Thread Lift. Women who have reached middle age, have a lot of sagging facial skin and other signs of aging, and who find it difficult to apply or be treated by other methods, are the best candidates for this procedure.

How long does the outcome last?

Another aspect to consider is the procedure’s maintenance period. The typical effectiveness period for Collagen Thread Lift is between two and three years. The threads applied to the facial skin will dissolve after this period, but they can still stimulate collagen production, which can help the facial skin appear slightly more attractive. Customers can then continue to undergo the procedure again.

Is 4D Collagen Thread Lifting painful?

Many people choose this beneficial cosmetic procedure, but some are still concerned about discomfort and will not bravely undergo Thread Lift. It is completely painless since before the procedure, doctors will administer anesthesia and the process is performed quickly, so there is no need to take time to recover after, and it does not affect the skin structure or cause swelling, edema, etc., so there is nothing to be concerned about.


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