Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty

The Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty technique is applied at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital to provide consumers with a safe and successful cosmetic treatment, which results in a beautiful, natural nose shape that is in harmony with facial features. With outstanding benefits, Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty is one of the most effective options for beauty lovers since the advantages of this new rhinoplasty technique have never disappointed customers.
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The Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty technique is applied at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital to provide consumers with a safe and successful cosmetic treatment, which results in a beautiful, natural nose shape that is in harmony with facial features.

With outstanding benefits, Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty is one of the most effective options for beauty lovers since the advantages of this new rhinoplasty technique have never disappointed customers.


How is Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty performed?

Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty is the ideal combination of comprehensive nose shape correction utilizing modern rhinoplasty techniques and the most advanced surgiform cartilage material currently available. This method of rhinoplasty uses Surgiform biological cartilage, which is made of 100% ePTFE, a synthetic material that has been quality tested and licensed by the US FDA. Surgiform is a material made up of millions of microscopic holes that allow tissues to pass through. The tissue emerges from the nasal cavity and binds to the cartilage to form a more durable linkage, resulting in the optimal nose shape with long-term stability.

Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty involves lifting two thirds of the nose bridge with Surgiform biological cartilage and the remaining 1/3 of the nose with ear cartilage. Ear cartilage and Surgiform cartilage are highly compatible with the human body and rarely cause any body’s rejection.

This material is more durable and flexible than conventional fillers, giving a long-lasting beautiful and delicate nose shape. In particular, people with flat nose shape when undergoing Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty can benefit substantially from the procedure since the bridge of the nose will be noticeably elevated.

  • Reconstruct the entire nose shape

Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty specializes in restructuring the nose shape and correcting defects such as low nose bridge, coarse nose tip, upturned nose, and short nose. Customers are guaranteed to own a natural, harmonious, soft and beautiful nose shape after the surgery.

  • No deviation in the nose bridge

Millions of microscopic holes allow blood vessels to readily pass through, facilitating tissue adhesion to the cartilage and forming a stronger bond.

  • Absolute compatibility

The compatibility of surgiform cartilage with the body is very high, limiting the risk of rejection or allergy to cartilage materials. The surgiform bio-cartilage has a high shapeability, does not deviate from the nose bridge, and aids in the nose formation.

  • Maintain permanent results

Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty utilizes high-compatible materials, provides long-term results, and eliminates the red nose tip condition completely.


Who are the candidates for Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty?

  • People with noses that are low, wide, deviated, crooked.
  • Those who underwent multiple nose surgeries without being satisfied with the results.
  • Customers who want to own beautiful and completely natural noses.

  • Examination and consultation

This is a critical step before any surgery in order for doctors to determine the best rhinoplasty method.

  • General health check

Before undergoing the Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty procedure, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital will do a complete health check-up to ensure a safe and successful surgery for customers.

  • Measurement for the new nose shape

To achieve optimum results, doctors will design a new nose shape that is the best match for customers' facial structures. Doctors will then select the best suited materials to create the delicately high nose.

  • Disinfection and local anesthesia

The nose and ear areas will be properly disinfected to ensure customers' safety. Doctors will then numb those areas with local anesthesia to guarantee customers' comfort throughout the rhinoplasty operation.

  • Remove ear cartilage

The ear cartilage is gently removed, and the incision is repaired with aesthetic threads, leaving no visible scar.

  • Perform Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty

After removing the ear cartilage, combined with artificial cartilage, doctors will gently dissect and insert the implant materials to create a beautiful nose shape with the first third of the nose protected by ear cartilage and 2/3 of the nose bridge is lifted by surgiform cartilage. In the Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty technique, 3D grafts are employed to elevate the nasal bridge, create a compact nostril and correct severe nose abnormalities like dorsal hump, crooked septum, thus leaving customers high, slim, delicate and natural nose shapes.

  • Post-operative care

After the operation, customers will return home and resume normal activities. Customers will also be guided daily by Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital customer service representatives to achieve the most satisfied aesthetic outcomes.

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Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty results:

  • A naturally beautiful nose shape
  • A nose that is in harmony with facial features
  • High durability

Where can I get safe and reputable Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty?

Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is constantly updating and applying the most advanced structural rhinoplasty techniques currently available, with outstanding advantages that will overcome the limitations of previous rhinoplasty methods, bringing customers the optimal nose shapes that are natural and in harmony with facial features.

Customers who choose Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital can be completely assured because doctors at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital are experts who are not only knowledgeable in the cosmetic surgery industry, but also have skilled hands and delicate aesthetic eyes to create the most beautiful, natural, and balanced nose shapes. New techniques are constantly updated and implemented to bring satisfaction to customers. In addition, each surgery is fully supported by a system of modern facilities and equipment, which is one of the important factors to bring satisfaction to customers.

Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty Aftercare: What to do after the surgery?

To ensure the best results and flawless nose shapes, customers must follow these self-care tips:

  • Take medications as prescribed by doctors.
  • Customers must wear a nasal splint for the first 7 days after Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty, which can only be discarded after stitches are removed. Customers must also return to the hospital to have stitches removed and avoid cutting stitches at home.
  • Avoid wearing glasses during the first month after Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty and avoid lying on the side for the first 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Avoid injuries, strong collisions, or playing sports in the first few weeks after the surgery.
  • Boost the immune system by drinking juice and consuming high-protein foods.
  • Customers must return to the hospital as scheduled by doctors for stitches removal and health check-up.

How long does it take for the nose to heal and be naturally beautiful?

After Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty, it normally takes one to two weeks for the nose to heal and stop swelling, but it takes at least a month for the nose to fully recover and return to its natural beauty.

After 1 week of sutures removal, customers have yet to see the clearest and most beautiful form of the nose. The nose will still be slightly swollen after removing sutures and bandages. However, customers will be able to see the nose shape more clearly, and will be able to perform daily activities more comfortably.

Are the outcomes permanent?

Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty, according to experts, uses cartilage materials to implant into the customer's body, making it likely to stay for a long period. At Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, Surgiform cartilage is used to lift the nose bridge, while ear cartilage is utilized to cover and protect the tip of the nose, maintaining results for a lifetime. In addition, whether the outcomes are permanent or not also depends on the health condition, post-operative care regime and diet of each customer.

Is Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty painful?

Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure, thus there will undoubtedly be some discomfort following the operation, more or less depending on the pain tolerance of each individual. However, because the nose area will be anesthetized before the surgery, customers may rest assured that the operation will be painless. The slight pain in the nose area after the surgery will disappear after around 3 days as pain relievers will also be prescribed.

Therefore, Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty can solve the customers’ concerns about the discomfort during the surgery. Moreover, in the first few days after rhinoplasty, customers will be guided by doctors and experts on how to take care of the wound, allowing the pain to fade quickly.

Is Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty dangerous? Does it have any effect on the body?

Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that involves lifting the bridge of the nose using cartilage material combined with nose tip orthopedic techniques and columella lifting procedures to make the nose straight and beautiful with standard proportions.  As a result, nose defects such as a flat nose, an upturned nose, a large and rough nose tip, and so on can only be corrected through Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty, which results in a new, beautiful, natural, and long-lasting nose shape.

Customers will receive a general health examination at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital before the rhinoplasty surgery. If the customer’s health is within the limits of the surgery, Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty is permitted. Furthermore, doctors will apply a safe cosmetic procedure supported by modern equipment, ensuring that customers are always safe when undergoing Surgiform Structural Rhinoplasty.


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