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At Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, effective and safe Acne Treatment using Fractional CO2 Laser technology can quickly clear acne, help prevent acne recurrence, ensure no scars, and generate soft, bright skin with natural beauty. This new technology helps to treat acne root and branch, breaking the acne core, eliminating bacteria and adding fresh oxygen and collagen for healthy skin from the inside.
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Acne has always been a concern of many people since it not only affects aesthetics but can also cause pain. If customers do not know how to treat acne properly and thoroughly, it may spread to other areas or even cause skin darkening. With today's cutting-edge technology and the best acne treatment method, acne can be treated swiftly and efficiently without causing unwanted skin irritation.


How is Acne Treatment performed?

  • Mild Acne

When acne is just mildly afflicted, there is no need to take medication. Doctors will administer a topical medicine with acne-killing ingredients from the retinoid group, combined with active acne skin care. For more assurance, customers can use a facial cleanser with oil and bacteria control capability twice a day.

  • Average level of acne

Customers should consider choosing an appropriate antibiotic against P.acnes. After 8 weeks of usage, antibiotic effectiveness can be assessed. Doctors will decide whether to continue or change the antibiotic for customers after the first 8 weeks of treatment, depending on the progress and the body's reaction to the medicine.

  • Severe acne

This type of acne has a complicated mechanism with overactive sebaceous glands and strong inflammatory properties. As a result, oral retinoid medicines such as isotretinoin are required.

  • Treat acne root and branch and do not recur

With the combination of the 3 most advanced acne treatment technologies today, this method can penetrate deeply into the skin, remove acne cores, achieve 99% efficiency, and ensure acne does not recur.

  • Suitable for all skin types

This is a safe and effective technology applicable to all customers, including people with sensitive skin.

  • No scars or bruises after treatment

Conventional treatment methods can help get rid of acne scars, but the hair follicles will still be damaged and can easily leave concave scars on the skin. They can also darken the skin.

  • Save time by quickly removing acne

Customers can completely eliminate acne after 3 to 5 treatments, helping to save maximum time.


Who are the candidates for Acne Treatment?

  • Men and women with perennial acne.
  • Those who underwent other acne treatment methods without being satisfied with the result.
  • Those who want to treat acne root and branch effectively.

  • Examination and consultation

Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital will assess and evaluate the condition of acne before treatment to determine the most appropriate course of treatment.

  • Facial cleansing

In order to obtain the best effectiveness in the acne treatment procedure, customers' facial skin will be cleaned and disinfected prior to the treatment.

  • Apply I peel essence

In order to remove sebum, dirt, dead skin cells, eliminate bacteria, etc. - the main causes of acne - I peel essence is applied to the skin. 

  • Provide the skin with fresh oxygen and collagen

Laser technology will supply fresh oxygen and collagen to the skin, making the skin healthy from the inside, brighter and smoother after treatment.

  • Project LED light on the treatment area

The combination of 3 types of blue, red, and pink light with different frequencies will eliminate the originator of acne, making it impossible for acne to recur.

  • Apply moisturizer after treatment

Doctors will apply a special moisturizer to help the skin regenerate, restore skin damage, and achieve the desired results of acne treatment.

Before And After Photos
  • Remove acne on the skin effectively
  • Natural bright and rosy facial skin

Is there any special care required after acne treatment?

The skin is often more sensitive during the initial stages of acne treatment. In order to make skin softer and healthier during the first phase, it is crucial to apply soothing, restorative products:

  • Use of harsh cloths, rubbing instruments, and face washing machines should be kept to a minimum.
  • Customers should use a gentle face cleanser.
  • Avoid facial wash more than twice a day because the skin barrier may be weakened.
  • A mild makeup remover is also recommended.

Does acne treatment eliminate dark spots?

Dark spots are caused by post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. If customers want to treat dark spots, acne should be completely treated first, especially severe inflammatory pustules, since acne inflammation will leave a lot of bruises and dark spots. New bruises will appear if there is new acne.

The most important acne treatment stage is normalizing the physiology of the skin, after which treating dark spots will be much easier.

Can acne be cured forever?

Acne can be cured if customers take proper care of the skin and lead a healthy scientific lifestyle, following a standard skin care regimen.

It is possible to completely restore the skin, particularly when the original skin structure is already healthy. Menstrual cycles, stress, or staying up late can still cause minor recurrences of acne, but it will heal quickly.


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