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Bright and youthful facial skin can boost one's communicative confidence. However, if warts unavoidably occur somewhere on the face, this will be a significant barrier because the face's aesthetic appeal would be affected. Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital offers an effective wart and milia treatment utilizing fractional CO2 laser technology to overcome undesirable milia.
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In addition to being one of the leading plastic surgery facilities currently available, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is also well-known among its many customers as a prestigious address for skincare treatments. Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is proud to be a pioneer in the application of advanced technologies in treatment and beauty processes, particularly the technique of wart treatment with CO2 Fractional Laser technology, a new technology that has quickly emerged as the top choice for customers seeking wart and milia treatment.


How is this treatment performed?

Laser is a breakthrough solution in the treatment of warts. This is a technology from the United States with the ability to locate acne spots with high accuracy, only affecting the acne areas to be removed without causing damage to the skin's structure. It can be performed on any area of the skin, including tight areas, with a fast healing time.

The laser will burn the wart's surface and edges roughly three times during laser wart treatment. At this time, the epidermis will be separated by heat, and the surface of the skin will return to its smooth, natural state with no roughness.

  • Safe treatment process

The Fractional CO2 Laser technology has been approved by the FDA, ensuring safety during wart treatment.

  • Removes acne effectively

The milia and warts can be precisely detected with Fractional CO2 Laser. The laser can also penetrate deep into the epidermis and connective tissues to remove the root  causes of acne.

  • Regenerate skin and leave no scars

The wavelength of Fractional CO2 Laser is 10,600 nm, stimulating cells to grow and regenerate collagen to fill indents, helping the skin recover quickly and leaving no scars.

  • No recovery period is required

Customers can return home after the treatment and will not need to take any time off to recover.


Who are the candidates for CO2 Fractional Laser Wart Treatment?

  • People with warts and milia.
  • Those who underwent other acne treatments without being satisfied with the results.

  • Examination and consultation

In order to identify the optimum procedure and achieve the best results, customers are carefully examined to determine the exact area of the skin that needs to be treated for acne.

  • Clean the skin before the treatment

Customers are given makeup removal, skin cleansing, and facial massage to enhance the absorption of wavelengths during treatment.

  • Numb the skin  

The skin area to be treated will be numbed with local anesthesia to ensure that customers will not experience pain or discomfort during the treatment.

  • Perform Wart Treatment

Depending on each specific case and the milia condition, there will be a different wavelength to burn the warts and prevent them from reappearing.

  • Apply moisturizer to regenerate the skin

After removing milia and warts, doctors will administer moisturizer to soothe, stimulate skin regeneration and make the skin rejuvenate for the best outcomes and beautiful skin.

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  • Effectively removes warts
  • Does not harm the skin
  • Leaves no scars or bruises
  • Bright and flawless facial skin

How long does it take the skin to heal?

Depending on the condition of the warts and the physical condition of each individual, after 3 to 5 days of treatment, the skin will recover and peel off the skin layer, which is the part of the dead skin cells and acne core that were discharged by the body. The pellicle underneath will gradually push the scab to the skin's surface.

Customers may notice a reddened area once the scab peels off, but customers shouldn't be concerned because it only takes 2 to 3 weeks for this wound to be covered by new skin and heal quickly.

Does Laser Wart Treatment leave scars?

With a smart mechanism, the energy of the laser beams will focus only on the warts without affecting or invading the surrounding areas. The safety and effectiveness of this technology have been tested and proven, so customers can rest assured during the treatment.

After the treatment, customers need to be careful not to arbitrarily peel off the scabs but let them fall off naturally to avoid scarring.


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