Nasal Tip Reconstruction

A large and coarse nose tip can detract from the nose's delicate and gentle appearance, affect the aesthetics of the face, and pose a significant concern for women. Nasal Tip Reconstruction is the most effective way to improve the condition of a large nose tip, making the nose more delicate and in harmony with the face.
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A large and coarse nose tip can detract from the nose's delicate and gentle appearance, affect the aesthetics of the face, and pose a significant concern for women. Nasal Tip Reconstruction is the most effective way to improve the condition of a large nose tip, making the nose more delicate and in harmony with the face.


How is Nasal Tip Reconstruction performed?

Nasal Tip Reconstruction is a procedure that involves modifying, dissecting, and removing soft tissue or cartilage from the nose, depending on the cause of the large nose tip. Nasal Tip Reconstruction also helps to lengthen the nasal bridge in cases of short nose. The procedure is painless, gentle, leaves no scars, and requires no recovery or downtime.

  • Create a compact and standard A-shaped nose tip

Depending on each person's face contours as well as the condition of the nose and the cause of the large nose tip, doctors will have the suitable method to reconstruct the tip of the nose, creating an elegant A-shaped nose with compact nostrils in the shape of lemon seeds.

  • Guarantee safety

Nasal Tip Reconstruction technique according to Korean technology is performed by a team of experienced doctors, aiding the surgery to be performed quickly and safely.

  • Create no visible scars and discomfort

Before the surgery, the nose area is anesthetized so the procedure will be gentle and comfortable. Nasal Tip Reconstruction is performed in the nasal cavity, and the incision is closed with cosmetic sutures so it leaves no scar.

  • Maintain a naturally beautiful nose for a lifetime

The big nose tip condition is corrected and reconstructed by doctors, helping the nose to be naturally beautiful after only 1 surgery and lasts for a lifetime.


Who are the candidates for Nasal Tip Reconstruction?

  • Customers with a large nose tip that is out of proportion to the face 
  • Customers with a high nose bridge but a large, flat nose tip
  • Those who want a compact and natural nose tip


Nasal Tip Reconstruction is a relatively complicated surgery that requires doctors to fully comprehend the proper anatomical structure of the nose and the procedure to be performed by a team of experienced doctors to specify the best method of Nasal Tip Reconstruction. The technique for Nasal Tip Reconstruction is as follows:

Examination and consultation

Doctors examine the nose, determine the cause of the large nose tip, and propose the best Nasal Tip Reconstruction method for customers.

Measurement for the new nose tip shape

The new nose tip will be carefully measured and determined to create the most harmonious nose shape with the face.

Apply local anesthetic

The nose is anesthetized before surgery so the Nasal Tip Reconstruction procedure is gentle and painless.

Perform Nasal Tip Reconstruction

Depending on the specific case of the nose, there are common methods applied such as:

  • Causes of soft tissue: the doctor removes soft tissue.
  • Causes of cartilage and soft tissue: To help narrow the tip of the nose, the doctor performs cartilage reconstruction and soft tissue removal.

Close the incision

The incision is closed with cosmetic sutures, leaving no visible scar.


Before And After Photos
  • Natural beautiful nose with a high, compact nose tip
  • Resolve the condition of a short nose tip and an unsightly nose
  • Maintain beautiful nose results forever

Where can I get a safe and reputable Nasal Tip Reconstruction surgery?

Nasal Tip Reconstruction has proven to be the most important solution for a large, rafty, and rough nose tip. This new method was directly transferred from Korea to Vietnam, along with modern hospital equipment, ensuring successful outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Customers who choose Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital will experience the latest cosmetic technologies as well as professional services and surgical procedures that follow the Ministry of Health's standard procedures, ensuring the best outcomes and giving customers a high, straight nose shape with a compact nose tip that is in harmony with the face.

What to prepare before Nasal Tip Reconstruction?

  • 2 hours before surgery, customers must avoid using all medicines that interfere with hemostasis (birth control pills, hormone regulators, Aspirin, etc.), and the cases of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or thyroid disease must be informed to the doctors in advance.
  • Tobacco, alcohol, stimulants, and other substances that induce phlegm and sneezing after surgery must be avoided for at least 1 day before operation.
  • Before going to the hospital for Nasal Tip Reconstruction, do not wear contact lenses, jewelry, or makeup, etc. because these items can interfere with the surgical process.
  • To avoid causing damage to the wound after surgery, customers should wear loose, comfortable clothes, prepare a mask and a hat to bring along.
  • After the surgery, customers should not drive by themselves but should take public transportation or go with family to safeguard the nose.

Nasal Tip Reconstruction Aftercare: What to do after surgery?

  • After the surgery, when lying down, use a high pillow to help the nose to quickly stop swelling and bruising.
  • For at least one month after surgery, avoid strong impacts on the nose and refrain from going to saunas.
  • Alcohol, tobacco slows down the healing process of the wound so they should be avoided for at least 1 month after surgery.
  • Light exercise like walking can be done right after surgery, but heavy sports like aerobics, swimming, and so on should be avoided for the first four weeks.
  • After 7 days, have the pressure bandage removed and sutures removed from the ear cartilage (if any) and the nose.

Will there be any potential risk after undergoing Nasal Tip Reconstruction?

It is normal for the nose to have discharge, slight swelling, and mild pain after surgery. However, after 5-7 days (depending on each person's body), the above phenomenon will disappear, the shape of the nose will begin to stabilize and shape up naturally following the principles of rhinoplasty recovery. After the nose shape is completely stabilized after a month, customers can resume normal activities. Therefore, a fully recovered nose will not affect any future activities if the surgical process and customer’s post-operative care procedure comply with the regulations of the doctors.

How long does it take for the nose tip to heal and be beautiful?

After Nasal Tip Reconstruction, it normally takes one to two weeks for the nose to heal and stop swelling, but it takes at least 4-6 weeks for the nose to fully recover and return to its natural beauty. That is the amount of time it takes for the body to adapt to external changes. Customers can resume normal activities after this period.

Who can get Nasal Tip Reconstruction?

Nasal Tip Reconstruction is allowed to be performed for people who are in good health and do not suffer from diseases such as hemophilia, severe diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease... Customers can be completely assured when coming to Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital because doctors and specialists will examine each customer's health.

The appropriate age for Nasal Tip Reconstruction is from 18 or older, when the body has fully developed and is safe to receive surgery, applicable to both men and women.

Is Nasal Tip Reconstruction painful?

Nasal Tip Reconstruction is a surgical procedure, thus there will undoubtedly be some discomfort following the procedure. However, because the nose area will be anesthetized before the surgery, customers may rest assured that the operation will be painless. The slight pain in the nose area after surgery will disappear after about 3 days because pain relievers will be prescribed. Therefore, customers do not need to be concerned about the procedure's discomfort.

Are the outcomes permanent?

According to doctors, Nasal Tip Reconstruction only interferes with soft tissue that makes the tip of the nose large. After being completely removed by doctors, it will make the tip of the nose slender and stable, so customers can be completely assured that the nose tip can be maintained for a long time. Furthermore, whether or not the outcomes are permanent also depends on each customer's body, post-operative care, and diet.

Does Nasal Tip Reconstruction leave scars?

Nasal Tip Reconstruction involves creating very small incisions in the nasal pillar and inside the two nose alars. After 5 - 7 days of suture removal, the wound will be healed and the incisions will fade over time, leaving no visible scars once the nose has stabilized.


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