Powder Brows (Powder Brow Tattoo)

The newest Korean Powder Brows (also known as powder brow tattoo or shaded brows) is a great combination of gorgeous herbal-extracted ink colors and natural, soft brow shaping, which has emerged as the latest trend and is adored by many women. This is the perfect solution to overcome thin, pale eyebrows, helping women achieve beautiful natural eyebrows.
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Korean Powder Brows (also known as powder brow tattoo or shaded brows) is a gorgeous combination of natural ink colors extracted from herbs and a natural soft brow shaping technique that has become a renowned new trend among ladies. This is the ideal method for addressing the challenges of sparse, pale brows, helping women to own attractive, natural brows without the need for makeup.

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What is Powder Brow Tattooing?

Powder Brows is a type of tattooing that combines eyebrow embroidery with the application of powder to reshape the brows to the desired contours while maintaining softness and a natural appearance. This is currently one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. This technology can help customers own the most naturally beautiful eyebrows.

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  • Defining, natural-looking brows

Powder Brow Tatooing is a cosmetic procedure that differs from prior brow tattoo methods. Korean Powder Brows can create extremely natural results. Powder Brow Tatooing is a method that combines embroidery spray and powder coating to create sharp and natural-looking brows.

  • Long-lasting effects

Powder Brow Tatooing is a technique that employs a micro-needle to inject ink into the skin and utilizes ink extracted from herbs with high durability, resulting in a long-term stable aesthetic effect.

  • Dermatologically safe

Powder Brow Tatooing is performed in a sterile environment, with antioxidant ink and equipment sanitized before being administered to each customer, ensuring customer safety, no discomfort or discoloration.

  • Beautiful results immediately after the treatment

Powder Brow Tatooing meets the needs of all customers due to its immediate effect, which creates natural beauty instantly after implementation. Therefore, customers do not need to take time to rest or recover.

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Who are the candidates for Powder Brows?

  • People with thin and pale eyebrows
  • Those who underwent multiple brow treatments without being satisfied with the results
  • Those who want to own a new eyebrow shape as desired

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  • Examination and consultation

The tattoo specialist will examine the existing condition of the eyebrows as well as the features of the face to determine the best eyebrow shape for each customer.

  • Design the new eyebrow shape

Based on the facial features of each person, the specialist will design a new eyebrow shape in the most harmonious manner before performing Powder Brow Tattooing.

  • Anesthetize

The eyebrow area will be numbed with local anesthesia, ensuring no pain or discomfort when implemented.

  • Implement Powder Brows

The process of Powder Brow Tattooing is completed in 60 minutes. Powder Brow Tattooing is a combination of the eyebrow spray technique and super-fine powder, helping to create natural beauty and sharp eyebrows.

  • Instructions for aftercare

Customers will be instructed on how to conduct the aftercare routine at home in order to achieve the best aesthetic outcome.

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  • Create soft, natural-looking brows.
  • Generate sharp eyebrows and improve facial appearance.
  • Overcome thin, pale, sparse brows, as well as short eyebrow heads and tails.
  • Trendy eyebrow color and shape, suitable for customers of all ages.
  • Long-lasting and durable eyebrow color.

How long do Powder Brows last?

Powder Brows can last up to two years, according to cosmetic tattoo specialists, depending on the individual's physiology.

The time it takes for the eyebrow powder to stabilize and provide natural, long-lasting color usually goes through the following stages:

  • Scaling and coloring stage: 3 to 4 days

According to tattoo experts, the brows may appear dark and unnaturally red shortly after Powder Brows. This is, however, a completely common occurrence that should subside in about an hour. Meanwhile, once all of the scales are peeled off, the eyebrow ink color will fade and become a standard color. For the best results and the most beautiful natural eyebrows, during the time when the skin is peeling after the treatment, customers should not arbitrarily peel off the scales but let them fall off naturally.

  • Natural coloring stage: 3 to 4 weeks

The brow color will fade and become more natural once the scales have completely disappeared. The time it takes for the brows to stabilize varies between 3 and 4 weeks.

  • Maintenance period: 2 to 3 years

If the customer's physique is stable and a thorough care routine is followed, eyebrows may generally be maintained for 2 to 3 years. In many cases, however, a successful treatment and high-quality ink can maintain results for 3 to 5 years or longer.

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What should customers eat and how should customers proceed with an aftercare routine?

Customers should eat protein-rich foods such as pork, milk, cereals, or nutritious drinks to provide energy for the body and avoid vulnerabilities:

  • Include vitamin-rich vegetables in the diet.
  • Supplement with vitamin C to make the eyebrow color more attractive and encourage the damaged skin to recover quickly.
  • Stay hydrated to help the eyebrows heal quickly and limit swelling.

To ensure the most beautiful natural eyebrow shape, after Powder Brows, customers need to keep in mind the following instructions:

  • Avoid letting the brows come into direct contact with water; if they do, the ink color will fade and the quality of the brows will deteriorate.
  • There should be no direct impact on the eyebrows. Customers should let the brows peel off naturally.
  • It is important to clean the brows correctly, as instructed by specialists.
  • Makeup on the brow area should still be avoided after a month of Powder Brows, otherwise it will produce unfavorable effects after recovery.

What is the difference between Powder Brows and Brow Sculpt?

In Powder Brows, experts will use a specialized tool with a special needle attached, meticulously drawing each eyebrow in the direction down to the end of the eye.

Powder Brows is a method that combines eyebrow embroidery with specialized equipment and the application of powder to shape the brows to the desired shapes, resulting in naturally beautiful brows that complement the facial contours.

With Brow Sculpt, experts will use a tool resembling a small knife to carve each strand of eyebrow hair and apply the appropriate colored wax to create fibers. The color will match the natural brows once absorbed into the skin.

Is Powder Brow Tattooing painful?

Powder Brow Tattooing is absolutely painless due to recent advancements in embroidery spraying technology, which have completely eliminated the drawbacks of previous methods when employing an electronic motor with a specialized needle that just glides on the skin surface, shortening the implementation time by one-third without generating swelling, searing discomfort, or bleeding. In particular, the specialist will administer anesthesia prior to the procedure to guarantee that customers are not in any discomfort during the Powder Brow Tattooing procedure.

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Do Powder Brows make the face appear old and ferocious?

Many women are concerned about appearing older and fiercer after Powder Brows when choosing the wrong embroidery spraying technology, insufficient specialist skills, and the wrong tattoo ink color.

Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital employs the most advanced brow spray technology and technique. The injector tip will create sophisticated lines following the eyebrow hairs down towards the end of the eye, creating soft, smooth, and natural brows. Furthermore, since the spray color palette is very rich and diverse, specialists can advise and assist customers in achieving the most optimum, unified, and youthful eyebrow spray color based on skin color, hair color, age, and preferences.


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