Jaw Orthopedics (Corrective Jaw Surgery)

With the development of cosmetic technology at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, Korean Jaw Orthopedics (Corrective Jaw Surgery) has achieved significant breakthroughs with outstanding efficiency. The defects in the jaw will also be corrected quickly, creating a delicate and natural V-line appearance for the face.
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With the development of cosmetic technology at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, Korean Jaw Orthopedics (Corrective Jaw Surgery) has achieved significant breakthroughs with outstanding efficiency. The defects in the jaw will also be corrected quickly, creating a delicate and natural V-line appearance for the face.


What is Jaw Orthopedics (Corrective Jaw Surgery)?

Jaw Orthopedics (Corrective Jaw Surgery) is a cosmetic procedure that involves adjusting the upper and lower jaw bones to create a balanced and harmonious face that is proportionate to the face's natural beauty.

Jaw Orthopedics is performed by a team of prominent doctors at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, with the assistance of modern machinery and equipment, ensures safety and perfect aesthetic outcomes for customers.

  • Overcome jaw defects and create natural beauty

Jaw Orthopedics (Corrective Jaw Surgery) can correct many defects in the jawbone, making the bone structure more balanced and harmonious, thus creating a brighter smile.

  • Painless and scar-free procedure

Jaw Orthopedics is committed to offering customers a painless and scar-free procedure. With specialized equipment utilized in Jaw Orthopedics, the small incision created to conduct the surgery is hidden in the oral mucosa, ensuring aesthetics and no visible scar.

  • Create permanent beautiful outcomes

Customers can own natural beauty within 90 to 120 minutes without any concern of protruding bone, overbite, or underbite. The outcomes after surgery are permanent, creating a beautiful and proportionate jaw structure.

  • Reconstruct jawbones and improve masticatory function

Jaw Orthopedics intervenes directly in the facial bone structure to alter and rectify overbite and underbite abnormalities, assisting in the restoration of jaw balance and masticatory function.


Who are the candidates for Jaw Orthopedics (Corrective Jaw Surgery)? 

  • People with an overbite or underbite
  • Those who underwent multiple orthodontic treatments without being satisfied with the result
  • Applicable to customers over 18 years old


Examination and consultation

Doctors will examine the customers’ jawbone condition and detect jaw flaws in order to determine the most suitable method for each individual.

General examination and health checkup

Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital will do a full health check-up before the Jaw Orthopedics treatment to ensure a safe and successful surgery for customers, including: 

  • X-ray of the face to analyze the bone structure of the jawbones.
  • Conduct pre-surgery health check-ups.
  • Provide customers with the most efficient and safest surgery plan.


The customer’s face and oral cavity will be properly disinfected to ensure a safe  procedure.


Jaw Orthopedics is a major surgery that must be performed in a hospital specializing in plastic surgery. Before the procedure, customers will be anesthetized to esure absolutely no pain during the operation.

Perform Jaw Orthopedics

Doctors will determine the most appropriate orthopedics method for customers based on the degree of jawbone deviation:

  • The upper jawbone is deviated from the lower jawbone: doctors will grind and adjust the upper jawbone to the appropriate position.
  • The lower jawbone is deviated from the upper jawbone: doctors will adjust the lower jawbone to the most harmonious position.
  • If both jawbones are unbalanced, doctors will carefully adjust to bring both jawbones to the perfect position, creating the most optimum facial features.

Post-operative care

After the operation, customers will stay at the hospital for 5–7 days to be guided daily by Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital customer service representatives.

Before And After Photos
  • Create a flawlessly beautiful face
  • Overcome mentalis strain by helping to hold the lips together naturally and comfortably
  • Create youthful and beautiful facial features
  • Safe and scar-free procedures

Jaw Orthopedics (Corrective Jaw Surgery) Aftercare: What to do after the surgery?

Depending on the physique of each customer, the jaw after surgery will fully recover after 30 days. The post-operative care process is very simple, customers just need to keep in mind the following instructions:

  • Customers will be discharged from the hospital 5 to 7 days after surgery.
  • In the first week, use Listerine to rinse the mouth and take antibiotics.
  • During the first week, it is important to keep the splint and compression bandage on.
  • Eat diluted porridge or drink milk for at least 1 week after surgery and avoid chewing hard foods for the first month.
  • Limit jawbone movement by avoiding excessive communication or eating chewy/hard foods.
  • Return to the hospital once a month for a re-examination until the jaw is stable.

Where can I get a safe and reputable Jaw Orthopedics (Corrective Jaw Surgery)?

As one of the leading cosmetic surgery hospitals chosen by many women, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital has consistently transferred the latest Korean cosmetic technologies, the most significant of which is Korean Jaw Orthopedics. A team of prominent doctors with over 30 years of experience and delicate aesthetic eyes is committed to providing customers with the best aesthetic outcomes possible.

Jaw Orthopedics is performed at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital with modern facilities and equipment, as well as professional and dedicated services, ensuring to meet all customers' needs. Since Jaw Orthopedics is conducted at a hospital specializing in cosmetic surgery, the procedure is completely safe and will provide the desired outcomes for all customers.

Is Jaw Orthopedics painful?

Before Jaw Orthopedics, doctors will administer anesthesia so customers will not experience pain or discomfort during the procedure. After the operation is completed, customers can rest assured that doctors will also prescribe pain relievers to ensure comfort following surgery.

Does Jaw Orthopedics leave visible scars?

Jaw Orthopedics is performed inside the oral cavity through a small incision with the support of specialized ultrasonic bone grinding equipment and endoscopic supplies to help doctors precisely perform the surgery, ensuring no unsightly scars and creating the optimum aesthetic outcomes.

How long does it take for the jaw to heal and be naturally beautiful?

The discomfort and swelling will disappear within 5 to 7 days, depending on each individual's physique. Customers can ingest and chew soft foods at this point. The bone will stabilize and heal completely after 6 weeks. Customers can then be completely confident about the new harmonious facial appearance.


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