The low nose bridge and big, wide nose alars are a frequent trait of Asians, making the face lose its harmonious and delicate appearance. As a result, Alarplasty, the most effective method for narrowing the nose and balancing the face, is becoming increasingly popular.
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The low nose bridge and big, wide nose alars are a frequent trait of Asians, making the face lose its harmonious and delicate appearance. As a result, Alarplasty, the most effective method for narrowing the nose and balancing the face, is becoming increasingly popular.


How is Alarplasty performed?

Alarplasty, also known as Alar Base Reduction, is a method to help adjust the nose alars, or nose wings, so that they are in proportion to the face. Doctors will choose the appropriate method based on the condition of the customer's nose, such as:

  • Alar Base Reduction: This procedure is used when the nose alars are too thick, large, and imbalanced.
  • Alarplasty by restructuring the nose alars inward: This method is applied when the nose alars are not too big but the nostrils are. Doctors will remove soft tissue, helping to shorten the two alars of the nose.

  • The nose alars are slender and naturally beautiful

Alarplasty is a simple procedure that only affects the alars section of the nose, minimizing invasiveness. The nose will be naturally slim after the operation.

  • Ensure safety

The Alarplasty technique at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is performed by a team of experienced doctors, who learned and transferred cosmetic technologies directly from Korea, helping to restructure the nose alars quickly and safely.

  • Maintain permanent results

Alarplasty is a simple procedure with long-lasting outcomes. Customers can go home and resume normal activities immediately after surgery.

  • There is no discomfort or scarring

The nose area is anesthetized before the Alarplasty surgery to ensure a comfortable procedure. In addition, the gentle dissection technique will help customers feel completely painless and leave no visible scars.


Who are the candidates for Alarplasty?

  • People with big and rough nose alars
  • Those with upturned nose and wide nose alars, disproportionate on both sides
  • People who underwent multiple nose surgeries before without being satisfied with the results

  • Examination and consultation

This is a critical step before any surgery in order for doctors to determine the condition of the nose, from which doctors will advise on the most effective cosmetic method.

  • General health check

Before undergoing the Alarplasty procedure, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital will do a complete health check-up to ensure a safe and successful surgery for customers.

  • Measurement for the new shape of the nose alars

Doctors will measure and design the new nose shape that best harmonizes with the face to create the ideal nose alars form.

  • Disinfect and anesthetize the nose area

The nose area will be thoroughly disinfected to ensure safety and then anesthetized to help customers feel comfortable during Alarplasty.

  • Perform Alarplasty

The process of Alarplasty only takes place in 30 minutes with gentle dissection at the position measured and determined, removing soft tissue and then closing the incision with cosmetic sutures.

  • Post-operative care

After the procedure is completed, customers can go home to normal activities. Customers will be guided daily by Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital customer service representatives to achieve the most satisfied aesthetic outcomes.

Before And After Photos
  • The nose alars are narrowed, become harmonious and balanced with the rest of the face
  • Natural beauty is achieved with no cosmetic traces
  • Long-term outcomes that are maintained for a long time

Alarplasty Aftercare: What to do after surgery?

  • Keep the wound dry for the first 5 days to avoid infection and any negative impact on the surgical results.
  • Gently clean the wound with salt water, though be gentle to avoid affecting the sutures.
  • Avoid direct impacts to the nose.
  • Wash your face gently to avoid affecting the surgical area.
  • Avoid strong impacts on the nose, do not squeeze the nose, and gently massage the nose for the first 2 weeks.
  • Take the medicine as prescribed by doctors, and have the sutures removed after 5 days.
  • The foods to avoid in the first 7 days include spicy and hot foods, food that causes allergies, irritants such as alcohol, etc. to heal wounds quickly and not leave scars.

Where can I get a safe and reputable Alarplasty surgery?

Alarplasty is a simple surgery, but it requires experienced doctors with delicate aesthetic sensibilities to accurately measure and shape the nose to look as natural as possible. Customers who choose Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital will be pleased by the professionalism of the leading experts in the field of cosmetic surgery, who will provide you with the most optimal outcomes.

Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital is proud to be the first in Vietnam to apply Korean-developed Alarplasty technique, giving customers a beautiful nose that is in harmony with the face. Experts at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital are always dedicated to giving customers the best nose shape as desired.

What are the possible complications after undergoing Alarplasty?

Many customers are concerned that Alarplasty may come with risks or complications. According to doctors at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital, Alarplasty is one of the most popular and highly appreciated cosmetic methods both for its aesthetic outcomes and the ability to meet safety standards during and after the procedure. Because Alarplasty is a gentle surgery, completed in a timely manner, not so invasive and limits injury, customers can quickly return to daily activities without taking much time to rest or recover. Therefore, customers can be completely assured with the technique of Alarplasty.

How long does it take for the nose to be naturally beautiful?

About 5 days after the Alarplasty surgery, sutures removal will be performed. When the sutures are cut, you can already see the effect and delicacy. In fact, the recovery time for this procedure is different for each individual; some customers will experience little swelling or pain after Alarplasty. However, right after the sutures removal, the incisions on the nose alars will be completely healed and become beautiful.

Does Alarplasty leave visible scars?

Alarplasty is a non-invasive cosmetic technique that corrects the defects of large, flat nose alars without leaving visible scars. This is one of the great advantages of Alarplasty. The procedure does not create pain or discomfort because it does not interfere deeply with the interior structure of the nose. The suture line after Alarplasty only occupies a very small area on the alar groove, so it is guaranteed not to leave scars.


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