Full Body Skin Whitening Treatment

Full Body Skin Whitening with Peel Body technology is a treatment chosen by many women to bring back the natural beauty of the skin, quickly making the skin bright and smooth. Skin whitening with colostrum is the optimal method to help whiten the skin and generate rosy, healthy skin. At the same time, it ensures safety with low cost and can maintain long-term stable results.
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Every woman aspires to have flawlessly bright white, smooth, and rosy skin. Bright white skin can make the overall appearance more youthful, appealing and also make women more attractive and radiant without having to spend a lot of time applying makeup.

Understanding the common desires of women, Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital has researched and successfully implemented the Peel Body technology, which is the perfect skin whitening technique to bring back naturally white, smooth, and flawless skin right after the first treatment.


How is skin whitening performed?

Full Body Skin Whitening is becoming increasingly popular among women because the herbs employed can create a natural, benign feeling, help the body relax and reduce stress effectively. This method can offer a full variety of vitamins for the skin, including vitamins A, C, and H, to help exfoliate and nourish skin cells from the inside, stimulating skin cells. This method utilizes numerous rare herbs from nature. New cells will be formed faster, replacing aging skin cells. Additionally, these vitamins also have the function of preventing the growth of pigment particles, helping to whiten the skin naturally. Furthermore, they also function to improve blood circulation, resulting in white and healthy skin.

In addition, the skin whitening process will have a pleasant aroma and will provide  adequate nutrients to the skin while maintaining skin moisture and effectively tightening pores. This new technology to reform the skin also works to protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, creating smooth white skin without any concern of sun exposure.

  • Safe, natural and chemical-free Full Body Skin Whitening

Full Body Skin Whitening at Ngoc Phu Aesthetic Hospital employs solely dairy products, which are extremely safe and suitable for all skin types. Milk is the ideal skin-nourishing component since it inhibits dark pigmentation, regenerates new skin cells, and retains moisture for the skin.

  • Natural whitening and non-exfoliating method of skin whitening

Rather than using an external skin peeling technique to whiten the skin, the modern skin-whitening process, which includes gentle exfoliation and steaming, will support customers in relaxing, detoxifying the body, and removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.

  • Full Body Skin Whitening procedure in accordance with Korean standards

Customers will be thoroughly examined and consulted in order to select the most appropriate skin whitening method for each particular skin type. Customers will be assessed for skin irritation before skin whitening. The whitening process is quite sophisticated to provide nutrients from deep inside and stimulate the skin to whiten from the outside.

  • Highly skilled and experienced specialists

The team of specialists is 100% well-trained, experienced, enthusiastic and always willing to help customers own bright white skin.


Who are the candidates for skin whitening?

  • People with dark skin.
  • Those who underwent other skin whitening methods without being satisfied with the result.
  • Those with sunburned skin due to being outdoors for a long time.

  • Exfoliate dead skin cells

The exfoliation of dead skin cells will improve the skin's ability to absorb nutrients. Exfoliating dead skin cells is the premise for skin whitening, which is an intermediate process for nutrients to penetrate deep into the skin.

  • Sauna 

Customers can enjoy the soothing aromas of cinnamon, lavender, rose, and other soft fragrances with a herbal sauna. These essences will boost the body's blood circulation and relieve fatigue.

  • Apply colostrum to the skin 

Customers will receive body whitening lotion that contains colostrum to stimulate bright, smooth, and rosy skin.

  • Incubate colostrum to smooth the skin

This procedure will assist the skin's ability to absorb colostrum's essence, which will improve skin pigmentation and make the skin smooth, rosy, and bursting with life.

  • Massage with whitening lotion

Vitamins and essences will penetrate deeply into the skin when colostrum nutrients are incubated with massage movements to protect the skin from UVA and UVB radiation damage and the aging process.

  • Apply whitening cream to the skin

Doctors will apply whitening cream to protect the skin from the sun.

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  • Own natural white skin without the intervention of chemicals.
  • Effectively delays the signs of skin aging while making the skin stronger and firmer.
  • The skin is whitened root and branch, thus sunburn is minimized.
  • The whitening effect is long-lasting and very safe for the skin.

How many treatments will it take for the skin to turn white as desired?

The skin will appear brighter after the first skin whitening session, but it will take 3 to 5 treatments to clearly see the change in skin pigmentation. In order to obtain the desired results, aesthetic hospitals and beauty salons typically perform 3 to 5 skin whitening sessions.

Is the effect of skin whitening permanent?

The effect of skin whitening is not permanent. Customers must use sunscreen and apply other skin-protection measures after the procedure is completed to retain the effects. If the skin darkens again, customers can start a new course of treatment.

What skin care routine should customers follow after skin whitening?

After undergoing the skin whitening treatment, customers should take care of the skin as instructed:

  • Avoid sun exposure and scrubbing the skin for three days because it will cause skin redness, burning, and darkening
  • Customers should regularly apply lotion and wear sunscreen to protect the skin.
  • No special care is required.

Does every skin type turn white after skin whitening?

Skin whitening is only effective on people whose skin is naturally white but has become darker due to sun exposure or dead skin cells. For those with naturally brown or dark skin, skin whitening will make the skin shiny and smooth. The influence in terms of skin pigmentation is limited on people who are born with dark skin.


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